2018, I loved you

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

Dear 2018. 🦋 

Thank you for teaching me that nothing is ever in control. That nothing is ever safe or perfect. Nothing! When I truly took that in, it seemed like the obvious thing to do was to lie down in the grass. Do nothing. 

In 2018, I did that a lot. I laid there sometimes with flowers, sometimes with butterflies. I let myself feel dangerously free. I bathed in stillness and solitude and realized how thirsty I was for both. I welcomed shame and fear. Hey old buddies! Come along now, we got some creating, traveling and shinning to do. 

On the grass, my darlings, your magic is deep inside. You honour the butterflies humming’s instinct of being human.

So terrified.

So bold.

So rogue. 

2018, I loved you. 
2019, I am ready for you. 👊🏼✨
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