Obsessed with the freedom & flight of the butterfly, 
We overlook the important work of cocooning.
You know; the waiting, lingering, swaying, meandering, fermenting, incubating.
We’re obsessed with quick, clicks, nows, instructions, programs, 1, 2, 3’s. Give it to me. 
Can you succumb in the chrysalis? 
Can you sway there, courageously in a state of let go and gives in. 
No controls. No fast forwards or rewinds, pauses or replays. 
No fucking apps for that. 
I wonder. 
I wonder if you know you’re already IT. 
You already have wings! 
But first, can you wait and hide?
Upside down, cramped, suspended, sometimes suffocating, wriggling, 
In it: the questions, motions, unknowing, unlearning. 
That’s cocooning. Morphing. Changing.
Long. Patient work. 
It’s slow work this soul work. 
Yet, that’s where the hero painfully and victoriously lies. 
Yours in waiting before flying, always 
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