Loud, Messy, Sticky, CHAOS

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The real yoga starts when it’s loud, its messy, its sticky, it’s chaos.

Real yoga is every minute unpredicted, not scheduled, stops and starts, uncomfortable, awkward, grumpy, fussy, smells like poop.

Real yoga starts when you show up ANYWAY and despite of all the barriers that could have STOPPED you for not showing up to that split second of aliveness, bliss, expansion, anchoring you’re craving and needing so badly.

You show up when your late, you show up when you feel down in the dumps negative, you show up, you show up, you show up.

Real yoga is not hiding, not faking, not censoring!!! It’s being in a seas of wails & cries and not reacting. Actively waiting with my best allie: BREATH. What a super power yogi parents have!

Job love on a WEDNESDAY, always.
And a lil’ preachin’ too!!! 😉

Love you in babies, bellies & magic- ALWAYS
E ⭐️

What is your relationship to your heart?


I am no cardiologist.
But I’m a human.
I have heart.

In a generation that overuse the popular 'follow your heart' motto, in my yoga classes this Fall we will dissect your heart's situation with my Anatomy of the Yogis Heart Program . What does it really mean to 'Follow your heart!?' and how the hell can I do that !? No recipes books here, no 1, 2, 3’s. Your heart doesn’t speak english, or french. It's speaks in pulls, shoves and breaks. Sounds, symbols and stories.

The yogi's surgery requires careful practice of prana, beats and flow. It requires (but not limited to):

1) listening to your insides
2) pumping blood &sweat & tears
3) metaphorical thinking.
4) and HUMOUR (capitals needed)

WEEK 1 (first day of class at @dartmouthyogacentre tomorrow!)

Title: Tapping into the "Metta" : Metta can be loosely translated in 'loving kindness' or 'all-pervading compassion'. This week we tap into it by breathing from our feets and hands with kundalini-inspired exercises, lotus mudras, and of course backbends!

New Playlist & Essential Oils too.

Babies/Bellies also starting tomorrow!
E. ⭐️

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Love that mindfulness is such a mainstream word these days.

Coined by the beloved author, Sharon Blackie, “BODYFULLNESS” - which I personally hope becomes common language too, someday!

We are not just a mind now, are we?

To put it simply, I am happier when I move. I think better. My brain is in less of a fog. My vision is sharper. I am less on edge. By the time I finish my dance-off, I am reinvigorated. The more I dance, the more I see that they’re is dance in everything.

I’ve been loving incorporating the dance breaks within my slower more meditative yoga practice too. I get so serious you know?

Tuesday dance off at your place, k?

Love you in cultivating bodyfullness, always.

E xo

In the name of ART & YOGA

It’s been a learning curve for sure, but I’ve had so much fun this summer producing my new She Quest Podcast! My calling and mission with SHE QUEST has always been to educate and empower modern soulful women to carve pockets of time to implement real-life mindful and artful rituals in their lives and homes. I find podcasts to be a intimate and accessible way to get my points across! YAY.

Like this golden nugget: To normalize art & yoga! To bring back it’s rightful place in our society, schools and family. To try it. PLAY. EXPLORE. To stop overlooking it’s potency for healing physically, mentally, spiritually .

The SHE Quest Podcast will continue in the Fall in light of my first ever membership!

Watch out, world!


3 easy breathwork techniques to do with your children (even if you don’t do yoga!)

Watch this short 4 minute easy breathing exercise to do with your child (children) even if you don’t consider yoga to be your jam!

  1. Hands-to-ribs cage exercise, watching the inhales go in , and exhales go out.

  2. Lobster-claw breath! Fun and easy for the hot summer days in the car looking for a parking or on road trips!

  3. Release Breath is genius for any tantrums.

Was this video useful? Let me know how it worked with your family!

Love you in peaceful summer breaks, and good times with your family, always!

E. xo

Calling all light seekers & fire crackers! POW !!!

POW! Legit how I feel working with 10 yoga teacher in Mentorship every year.

POW! Legit how I feel working with 10 yoga teacher in Mentorship every year.

Calling all light seekers & fire crackers! POW !!!

2019 is an auspicious & crucial time to be a yoga teacher.

My Yoga Teacher Mentorship is 5 years in the making: my 3-month online program is about having the ability to turn your personal practice - and consequently your yoga class - into a soul-inspiring experience!

Find out how it works here : estellethomson.com/yoga-mentorship/.
Love you in POW POW & BAM BAMS!

Almost always peppy, E ⭐️

10 things I wish naïve ME knew 9 years ago.

Oh Lordy! Me- fresh out of my second Yoga Teachers Training in late July of 2010.  Photo Credit: Hannah Thomson

Oh Lordy! Me- fresh out of my second Yoga Teachers Training in late July of 2010.

Photo Credit: Hannah Thomson

9 years ago. Fresh out of Modo Yoga Teachers Training. Newly engaged with a few calm months to spare finishing my M.A . This feels like it was taken in another life, before entering the jungles gates to motherhood and what ultimately ensued.

Here are 10 things I wish naïve me knew way back when:

1)    In your quest to make people feel less broken and make that your life, you will learn the very same only by being broken yourself.

2)    You will make some terrible mistakes. Receive and give unfair feedback. It’s these fuck ups that will ultimately make you: a grown ass woman.   

3)    PLeasssse, giiiirlllll !!!! You are not here to fit in! Do your own thing. Do it your own way.

4)    Unrelated to art & yoga: GROW YOUR EYEBROWS.

5)    There is always more to learn and more to heal.

6)    Never look back. Nothing is ever wasted.

7)    You can touch others only as far as you’ve allowed to have been touched yourself.

8)    Say YES to your fate! Just say YES. Do not skip this important step. This will mean saying YES to death. YES to life. YES to horrible and wondrous thing. Saying yes will help you say no, too. Saying YES will walk you back to why you took your yoga teachers trainings and why you paint in the first place… for Moksha… for liberation.

9)   Insecurity is not the truth of you. Kindness is the truth of you.

10) Fuck it! Just do it. Go on, dance like everyone’s watching.

Yeah. Still naive. Still growing my eyebrows. Still trying my darndest best at life..

Yours in valuing your original self, always!

E. xo

Meet your newly trained Art & Yoga Teachers!!!

Newly graduated Art & Yoga Teachers! What a week it’s been. WOW.

Newly graduated Art & Yoga Teachers! What a week it’s been. WOW.

What an absolute blast this week as been!! You’ve got your yourself 5 yoga teachers ( community leaders!!) ready to teach confidently and authentically blending visual imagery in their classroom.

Art & Yoga Summer Initiation success!

What did they learn?

  • Simple ‘how-to” skills to teach a soul-inspiring class for our inclusive climate.

  • To instruct a safe yoga class using intentions & the power of visual imagery

  • Debunk the concept of beauty and resonance applied to their specific specialty of teaching and/or therapeutic setting.

  • Grasp the essence and responsibility of holding space for their students.

  • Fortified their commitment to their craft of teaching yoga, they’ve shown up BIG TIME

  • Use their investment in time/space/money this week as way of deep plunge to the inner journey of your soul.

Dartmouth Yoga Centre  ( 120 Portland St.) is a quaint movement studio in Downtown Dartmouth where I run all my  Wednesdays Weekly Classes  as well as Yoga Teacher’s  Trainings.

Dartmouth Yoga Centre ( 120 Portland St.) is a quaint movement studio in Downtown Dartmouth where I run all my Wednesdays Weekly Classes as well as Yoga Teacher’s Trainings.

A privilege for me to witness your unfolding, always.

E. xo


Art & Yoga Teacher's Trainings 2019

Comment with a “ME” if you use to take my yoga classes like, 9 years ago?! How bad was it 😂 !?!?! Think of the worse things that could possibly happen to a yoga teacher and I swear it’s happened to me 🙈. Perhaps loving yoga so freaking much saved me from quitting!

See, I’ve always wanted my fiery passion to permeate in your understanding of what yoga really is. I had not one but two teacher trainings back then and it wasn’t happening. That was frustrating. I knew yoga wasn’t all just physical. Feelings and the spiritual dimension of yoga is (most of the time) left out of the classroom. Hello 👋 That’s completely bypassing what yoga really stands for. For me, this is the tragedy of many public classes offered today. Body, mind and soul is yoga and I remember wanting for you to experience that and know that and live that but I just didn’t have the tools in me yet.

Oh, and add to that that I wanted to do it ALL perfect . My addiction to perfection stumped my growth, paralyzed my moving forward and got me stuck in my craft and quite frankly- life. It’s then that I decided to work with @whitneyfreya , @ashleyturner1 , @elenabrower , @prajnayoga , @halayoga , @rebeccathoughts and many, many more because real progress on the yogi path are difficult, perhaps impossible without a teacher.

Check out my July 4-days Summer Initiation and 3-month Fall Yoga Teachers Mentorship Program where I teach you how to implement intentions, visual imagery, storytelling and poetry in your yoga classes in a way that is not forced or fake. These programs are 4 years in the making!

Teachers, its time. Let’s bring SOUL back to the classroom. 💪🏼 Love you in saying “hello, fear”, always.

E ⭐️
Lens: @jessieredmondphoto

Abracadabra magic of it all.

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

✨ In University, I took a summer long Ceramic elective (my major was Psychology but all my electives where art!). It was the hardest medium I’ve ever tried. I didn’t have the patience. I hated the mud in my nails and how things would just crumble and fall.

The other day, doing my home practice, it dawns on me how my body was like the sculptor’s stone or that stubborn clay I used that summer.

There’s a quote from sculptor Tony Angell that resonated with this: “Because of its shape, color, pattern and hardness, the stone has its own story to tell. Only when I understand this can I remove the non-essentials and begin to liberate the form within.”

My life has its own story to tell. This is the Abracadabra magic of it all. The story you tell yourself has the power to manifest into reality. Will I let it or fight with it? Will I remove piece by piece, cut by cut all the non-essential materials and begin? Can I get out my own way? Magic doesn’t require anyone to intervene on your behalf, give you permission, prove something or (low and behold) have a degree. We have it somewheres buried in us to lean into our weaknesses and reframe those into our strengths. For me, that’s what it means to live life triumphantly.

Magic is stepping into the story’s mystery day after day. Let its secrets and sparkles unfold through us. Don’t you see? Magic isn’t an event, it’s a muscle!

At the end of summer, I did get an A in that summer class. Not because ceramic was my ‘thing’ but because I tried and tried hard I did. And just like sculpting- that’s the only thing that life – and yoga – wants. That you try!

Love you in abracadabra’s, always.
E. ⭐️

I feel broken too

I’m not perfect and i’m allowed to help other people at the same time.
Am not afraid to say it- I’m a major work in progress!
You know, not everything in my life worked out as it should. If it did, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And today I was thinking on how okay I was with who I am today 😭🌱💕

Let it be clear that I teach people how to feel full because I feel broken too. I teach art&yoga because I need it the most.
Knowing I am not perfect, i invite a life of mighty growth and acceptance because I know inside me co-exist:

Broken and full.
Hopeful and suffering.
Joyous and angry.
Creation and destruction.
Full spectrum living requires you to start showing up for your life with edge.TODAY.
Bring forth what’s within you with passion and gusto.
Arms wide open.
As you are.
Eyes close, feeling everything.
Comment on this blog if your a recovering perfectionist 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Double tap this post if you’re ready to finally SHOW UP 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Yours in open arms, always.
E. xo

Lens by my girl @jessieredmondphoto

The fastest way to freedom.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.21.42 PM.png

The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings. ~ Gita Bellin 

Ah! to feel my feelings the same way wind flaps my hair or an unexpected cold gust hits my face. Let it penetrate. Still, often times I speak of Tommy and not feel anything. Sometimes it’s like I strategize or anticipate what to do next. Like am an actor. Like the feeling is not mine- I dissociate completely to survive the moment. To be polite perhaps hold it together. I’ve feared feeling many times over. And Ive notice, if I don’t feel something all the way through- it’s comes back. Sometimes it’s in a form of malaise, memories, illness even- like my body is signalling something. Most time we’ve pushed stuff way down under and it’s become the new normal.

The fear of feeling is the ghost of countless addictions- a way to numb out the stings- Overexercising, overeating, busyness, drugs & alcohol, mindless scrolling, gossiping etc. In what way do you avoid feeling? Notice how you use the same reasons over and over again « am too busy » or a cultural favourite « I don’t have time ».

In Tommy Tinker Forever i speak of ‘small daily acts of bravery’. 5 minutes to do what you love, to be in silence, to hold off on all the reasons you’ve been given yourself for years. 5 minutes on a shore, surrounded by birds, letting your feelings wash & rinse you like waves. There is the warrior in us all. Soon, perhaps we’ll come to know that this is the necessary way of being. 

Love you in freedom & wind, always.
E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever

2018, I loved you

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

Dear 2018. 🦋 

Thank you for teaching me that nothing is ever in control. That nothing is ever safe or perfect. Nothing! When I truly took that in, it seemed like the obvious thing to do was to lie down in the grass. Do nothing. 

In 2018, I did that a lot. I laid there sometimes with flowers, sometimes with butterflies. I let myself feel dangerously free. I bathed in stillness and solitude and realized how thirsty I was for both. I welcomed shame and fear. Hey old buddies! Come along now, we got some creating, traveling and shinning to do. 

On the grass, my darlings, your magic is deep inside. You honour the butterflies humming’s instinct of being human.

So terrified.

So bold.

So rogue. 

2018, I loved you. 
2019, I am ready for you. 👊🏼✨
The best: @jessieredmondphoto

Sacred Symbol Private Session

Personal Sacred Symbol Session is something I have been wanting to implement in my art & yoga offerings for a long time now.

What better way to unite my counselling, art and yoga background into one high caliber offering. Something where I can work one-on-one with you. 

I've worked closely with symbols, specifically 77 of them, for more than 3 years now.  I can attest to the fact that they have changed my life and consequently -my teachings. I knew visual imagery was powerful but not THAT powerful. In class, whether art or yoga, they provide a tighter container for student-teacher receptivity, they access beauty not has something frivolous but has a human calling and channel the highest resonance. Symbol, colours, visions, along with story telling and potent words are keys in healing. You - unfolding in new ways. Emanating equanimity for body/mind/soul. Can you feel my excitement has I weave and learn to bring forth my love of art & yoga? 

Join me on a personal 3-month sacred symbol journey.  Enjoy Estelle's Sacred Symbol exercises, art tasks, creative mission prompts, self- introspection and personal interaction.  

Your programs incudes: 

-Sacred Symbol assignments

-Sacred Symbol Exercises

-Skype meetings  or one-on-one meeting ( some clients likes to keep it strictly on emails and that is fine with me too!) 

Estelle will help you identify your personal sacred symbol and coach you thru a process that helps you see why this symbol could be sharing it’s ancient message with you. These sessions are  combining spirituality, art, depth psychology, and deep wisdom that help you get more in touch with your light. 

Are you going through a transitional time? Grief? Anxiety? just a general feeling or being 'stuck'? Symbols can helps. 

If you take this program seriously- you will be writing in your journal and painting almost everyday. This is mostly self- directed but I am always a message away with questions or informations, insights or breakthroughs you might have.

What clients are saying about the Private Session:

"Estelle's faith in the sacred symbols was like a lifeline thrown to me in the choppy seas of a difficult period of my life. I hung on, and trusted her guidance until I began to feel calmer seas washing me ashore. With each passing day, I'm learning to swim with the rhythm of the Universe. I guess I'd consider Estelle my wise and spirited Mermaid guide!"

love and courage to you on this journey! 

Get in on it NOW click HERE




Art & Yoga Teachers Training: FAQ!


Frequently asked question about the Art & Yoga Teachers Training.  

1.         I am in the midst of my 200 hrs yoga training and I an interested in coming but I have no experience teaching yoga yet. Can I still come?  

Absolutely, yes. If anything, I am hoping the day inspires you to take the leap as a yoga teacher, reveal yourself more. 

 2.         I have no experience painting, can I still come?

Absolutely, yes. As you will learn that day, painting is about your life, not about techniques. Not for the means of these teachings, anyhow. 

3.         Will you be given this day training sometimes in the future?

The future is NOW.  No other dates set yet.

 4.         I am a teacher but not a yoga teacher. Can I still come? 

Yes, if you are in the field of GIVING, then you must. If you thrive to live your best life, you are welcome to come. 

 5.         Is the training a good introduction to your Yoga Mentorship?

  Yes, it is. Two of my assistants will be there on the 29th and have taken my program. They are there to help provide extra support that day and to answer any questions you might have about both the Start-Up Program and the MAPS program. 


Still time to sign- up HERE: bit.ly/2h0UZol

 Yours in symbols & magic, 





Cleaning my studio, to find this eloquent note by a dearest yoga teacher from this summer mentorship.

" you helped me realized that I am indeed a yoga teacher {...} I do have knowledge and soul to share and that it is enough "

I have so much gratitude for getting to learn with elegant and strong teachers that cross my path!

Winter Mentorship with me starts again in January. 
Only 2 spots left!

More info here: 

If you are interested, message me through this website!