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Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

“Personal Style comes from within. It's when the woman, her individuality and spirit come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels.”
- Donna Karan

Spiritual Fashion, what? Clothes is a material thing, right? Now that’s a back handed offering if I’ve ever seen one! *Loud Buzzing Sound* Think again.

You wear clothes every day of your life. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Sunday : You were clothes! You wake up, look at your closet and you choose something to put on your body. What you choose to wear has repercussion on your body, mind, spirit ( i.e: YOUR WELL-BEING) for: all day!

Your relationship with clothing is quite personal and intimate. What you wear carries something of your personality and essence. You dress practically for your work, dressy to go out, sporty for exercise. Your clothing determines the first impression you give others. It speaks about you and you spirit before you utter anything. Am i right?

It is no secret that I love clothes. In fact, I am an avid fashion lover. A self- care date involve sipping a latte while reading ( yes, actually reading it) Vogue or a trip to my most favourite local boutique chasing the best new arrivals.

It is a secret, however, that back in my early twenties, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Whether I’ve encounter some major fashion faux- pas or cut up legging crisis ( and I guess we shall never know thanks to pre- social media era) - fashion has always been an important channel for creative self-expression. Fashion has help strengthen my identity ( most likely because of said bold moves and faux pas’s!). Since then, my relationship to clothing has evolved fluidly with the staged of my life.

“Clothing is a multifaceted part of our lives that can help us find confidence, power, and joy.”
- Elizabeth Suzann


Introduction @tinkerbellestyle first ever Spiritual Fashion Workshop October 3rd.

Introduction to Spiritual Fashion is part eye-opening discussions on Spiritual Fashion (see topics below) and part easy-does-it introspection practice. Expect theory but also explore brave and intuitive rituals in painting and journaling (a tweak in your closet might also be involve!).

A glimpse at Spiritual Fashion series topic of Workshop:
A new definition of beauty, the law of resonance, divine feminine icons, the colour spectrum and tweaking your closet.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will :

  1. Embrace fashion has road self-love ( the start of it, anyways!)

  2. Understand that clothing is intricately link to physical, mental and especially spiritual well-being.

  3. Expand your knowledge on historical, cultural, mainstream style icons influence and trends of our time.

  4. Get more in touch with the subtle side of life -particularly colours- and ultimately your spirituality.

  5. You will passionately believe that clothing can help you live your best life.

Estelle’s will also bring her Spiritual Closet for you to shop in!

See you there, bitches!


Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #4

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 6.22.09 PM.png

Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #4

K, here’s the deal.
This weeks tip come all the way back round to the reason why I open this account in the first place: self- freakin’ love.

Your wardrobe is the perfect place to cultivate self-love. But how?

1)Recognize who’s calling the shots!!! Over the years, my inner asshole as told mean, mean things. “You’re too old to wear this” , “ You look too fat, too skinny etc. etc.”. It’s either am too much of something, or not enough of something. What bullshit. I’ve reframe this in: “ How does this outfit makes me FEEL?” Fucking amazing? K, wear that!

2)Recognize your inner asshole (thanks @jenpastiloff for the term!) is not for the faint of heart. This practice is about getting real and authentic about where and who you are right meow! Having a spiritual closet is not about improving who you are, it’s about accepting all of who you are. Whoa!

3)Which leads me to my last point: to forgive yours inner asshole for the years of abusive self- talk. I forgive you, bitch. I know better now. I am allowed to feel incredible in what I wear. I’m allowed to feel like me.

Yours in calling all the shots, always.
Ciao ciao!
E. ⭐️

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #3

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 5.55.59 PM.png

Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #3
K, here’s the deal.
This weeks tip is a collective call to action.

I implore you to stop saying :

“can I pull this off?

I love this or this but I could NEVER pull this off. “

Instead, can you say:
Do I want to pull this off?

People have told me I am confident and that’s why I wear bold outfits but that ain’t right. I understand not feeling confident in clothes, I have for most of my teenage (the worst) and adult life. But knowing what I love and loving wearing what I love is a completely different ball game- one that helps me emanate my true spark and bring my style game in line with my soul game. “Do i want to pull this off” should be the only thing that matters in deciding what or what not to wear. In the deepest part of you, do you want to pull this off?

Stylish bitches see clothes as a conduit to one highest creative expression.

Tell you best bitches to stop saying “can I pull this off?”

Instead tell them: “Bitch, please.
Do you want to pull this off ?”
Love ya!
E ⭐️ #tinkerbellestyle

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #2

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 5.55.47 PM.png

Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #2
Self- love & Roses 🥀
Emblems of #tinkerbellestyle

K, here’s the deal.

Walking the path of a spiritual style means being a devotee to seeing and creating beauty wherever I go. This includes my body- without clothes.

Bitchy confession: I work on loving my body every day. In truth, for most of my life, it hasn’t been easy being in it. This is why I became a yoga teacher! This is why I practice being ‘in’ it without fail, every day.

See, I believe that my soul chose this very body to be in. My soul is my love, my light and my truth: My soul also what makes me, ME. My dream outfit is an extension of this light.

As for the rose- a ritual of mine as been to gift myself a rose once a year or so. For no reason at all, I will go to the store and gift myself with this little beauty because I value exactly that: beauty. They say flower can lifts spirits. I believe the right clothes can do the same! Besides, the rose carries the love vibe like no other (symbol of the heart) and help you feel aligned in sacred geometry of all life.

As I move forward with this the idea of Spiritual Fashion, I hope to demystify what it means to value beauty. How paramount it is to know your core values and how will this will critically affect you wardrobe choices (and price tags). In the end, I hope it empowers your self-image while also help you being a conscious shopper.
This week: tell me 3 things you absolutely love about your body!

Bitch, please. The more you love yourself, the more magic you can experience.

Fuck it! And while you’re at it, buy yourself a rose 🥀 this week, too.
Love you and your body, too.
E xo

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #1

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 5.55.34 PM.png

Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #1
Does this outfit make me feel like myself?

K, here’s the deal.

I believe your clothes affect your mood, your health and your self-confidence (that’s a biggie!). If a stylish bitch spiritual wardrobe is the perfect place to cultivate self- love then why is it that the clothes in your spiritual closet aren’t reflecting that? Which begs the questions, who are you? (that’s a biggie too! )

Just like art, what you wear is an extension of yourself and expressing yourself is empowering and medicinal!

This week, I dare you to throw out one ☝️ (uno, un, ein) piece of clothing that used to be ‘you’ but now isn’t. Take a pic of it, and sent it along so I can post it in my story feed and we can say with you BYE BYE!

And bitch, please..... -I totally get it- It’s hard thing to let go of the frumpy yoga pants (yes, that’s me) or those too small shoes ( all my shoes were too small after I was pregnant!!). Stylish bitches see clothes as a conduit to one’s highest creative expression.

Tell your best bitches, and come on in.
E 🖤

Meet Miss Tink!


🖤 Happy Easter, bitches!

Meet Miss Tink.
Yes, I do own a mannequin.
Yes, she is called Miss Tink.

I love my clothes so much you know(!?) that I think it’s a sin you have to hide most of it in a closet even if that one should be spiritual.

So when I want to linger on the beauty & resonance of a particular piece- I get her out there and froth 🤤

I’ve been bubbling with passion putting super secret content out for you. Tips & tricks to make your clothes powerful agent that sings Beyoncé to your soul. Talking stars- in the 🖤 story highlight will features famous bitches you know and love talking about why you should consider tapping into your inner bitchy superstar when dressing in the morning. But I also want to feature my biggest and most famous fashion spirit animal: YOU.

I want to know- for YOU, personally- in what outfit do you thrive? Please comment me your pictures and a one or two sentences answer. If the idea of being features on my story feed scares you shitless, this is a grand and wonderful indication that you should definitively send it to me ASAP. If you don’t know what clothes make you thrive, this is a fucking great opportunity to ask yourself that question.

Dude, we LIVE in our clothes.
Better start waking up to their power.
Your bitchy bitch, always.
E ⭐️ #tinkerbellestyle

Bitch, please


Bitch, please.
Your wardrobe is the perfect place to cultivate self-love.

A spiritual fashion closet is filled with clothes that reflect the real, authentic, bitchy you. Looking and loving the you in front of the mirror, today and now. Not the you in high school ( gah, you wouldn’t pay me to go back to that joint!) or the outfit for the future you (the toner or 20 pounds lighter … screw that shit!). I swear, there are clothes out there supposed to makes you feel fucking amazing. YOU! They are supposed to feel like YOU.

I get it, clothing might seem frivolous, materialistic, egotistic. Even the word « fashion » has a bad rep. But when it comes down to it, you wear clothes every single day of your life. Clothes have to power to make you feel, think and choose how you’ll own your day. Through self-love, awareness , knowledge, soul connection and support- YES! (and p.s that’s always been @estelle.thomson’s mission 🙅🏻‍♀️) . I’m fired up to debunk what it means to be a Spiritual Stylish Bitch.

@tinkerbellestyle is a 3 post a week account, tops.
Heads up:

•Estelle’s Super-Secret Spiritual closet sale is every Thursday, closes Friday on Instagram.

But psssst…. If you read this blog, you can snag the piece new piece first HERE.

To claim item, comment
•••••••• BITCH, PLEASE.•••••••••••• (on Insta!)
Stylish bitches see clothes has conduit to one’s highest creative expression of body, mind & soul.
Tell your best bitches.
Come on in.
E. ⭐️ #tinkerbellestyle

LOCAL BUSINESS displaying my ART !

One Night At the Marina, 2015 displayed here at TOTAL KNEADS CLINIC in Halifax!

One Night At the Marina, 2015 displayed here at TOTAL KNEADS CLINIC in Halifax!

I am fortunate to have great local business displaying my ART. They include: 



ROOM 152 








Visit any of these great business to see my ART!

In gratitude, 

Estelle x


HOLIDAYS #Tinkerbellestyle

I've had SO much fun dressing up this year for the many holiday parties my husband & i we're lucky to get invited too that I've decided to share the fashion it with you all on Instagram! 

Here is my Holiday LOOKBOOK of XMAS 2015. They highlight crop tops, long pencil skirts, statement necklaces and of course my FAV local SHOPS!


Bodega Boutique really has some solid holiday look this season. It was love at first sight when I saw this ensemble. Crop tops do it for me, and high pencil (stretchy) skirt are modern with a vintage twist. I paired it with Better than Her Bead necklace and Make New ring. This outfit was cozy & classic.  


Found this gem of a crop top at ROOM 152 & it was so affordable (22 $$) that there was no way I was getting out of the store without buying it. The Palloozo Pant are Bodega & same bead necklace (love this versatile piece that I've also worn with sweater & jean& booties). 

HOLIDAY PARTY #3 { and hubby's birthday I should mentioned}

After giving my husband the best-looking watch in town from new upcoming shop Satva Conscious Lifestyle Boutique. I strutted my stuff downtown for an evening out on the town. Sunning find at Room 152 was this plaid vintage dress from no other than Ralph Lauren. The neck piece is Better than Her ( go check out her NEW & BIG shop at Spring Garden Place). 

haha.. also this happened !! { isn't my husband a hunk? }. Any chance you get, dress the same. The fun factor really get HIGH in that instance!!!!


As you all know, I LOVE dressing up. Too much sometimes. But i decided to get over myself for this Holiday Party we were hosting for our friends with kids ( since the REAL Santa came and everything!!). It was a XMAS PJ Party & adults were definitely included. The onsies people showed up with were UNREAL! haha. Here I am in leggings from Better than Her


Lastly, last round of homebound parties was last night! I found this knock- off (SORRY BODEGA!!!)  Bodega grey ensemble ( see Holiday Party #1) at Forever 21 & went for it! Paired it with my new found lover masterpiece on my neck & voila. I was snug has a bug & stylish. 

Here it is ladies... next up is Christmas in Hawaii! YAY!!

Happiest Holidays to you all - you fashion (or filthy!) animals!! 



Fire in belly was stoked high has I learn this piece of news  Today, I start as a luminary brand ambassador for @myinnerfire !!

I love the story of how Leah, whom I did training with, started sewing yoga pants right out of her basement. With determination and gusto she went on to build a Canadian company that's backbone is full on purpose, creativity & authenticity.

The best part in this is for YOU my friends.

With promo discount code : ..........EstelleT............. you get 15% off purchases!!

Check out there website HERE!! 

Ciao yogis! 



Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #7


The weather has been in the in-betweens lately. You can feel the switch to fall in the morning but days have been muggy and warm. This ends up being a bit of challenge in choosing the perfect outfit... but nothing is ever impossible for Tinkerbelle!  

Yogi on the Loose #YogiOntheLoose

Kate at Bodega gave me this flower crown last week, and it hasn't left my head since! Flower crowns are inexpensive way to add spunk & cuteness overload to any outfit. And yes- I am 33 years old and still wear them: they inspire spontaneity, glam and mix of fun & chic. Flower crowns are also my last summer cry out. I love the grounded look of these eclectic pieces as much as I like the colour pink practicing and teaching yoga. Catch a yoga class with me at many location throughout HRM here. 

FALL in to FALL #FallIntoFall 

'Beachin' it ' outfit this week has been replaced with the 'Fall into Fall'. Transitioning into colder months has been hard due to the funky weather we've been having. Denim skirts are a good in-between. I've matched it with a beautiful Bodega scarf ( SOOO many designs to choose from!) and this lace white Parisian top. 

Feminine Wander #Wanderlust

This is not your plain jane playsuit. I am as much obsessed with rompers as I am with one piece suits. This one has been my travelling staple. easy elegance, yet comfort. I've put it simply here, has is. But you could totally dress it up with long necklace and wedges!

Vive les couleurs! #ViveLesCouleurs

This cocktail hour shirt, has had some power in draping me with electrifying colours, flamboyant stripes, and loose fit. The Navy Scubo Moto Pants are still in store and fit like a glove!



As I saddle up to write my last blog for next week, I feel grateful for all of what my reign has brought me : ideas, inspiration ( a whole line of NEW fashion illustration), and most importantly long-lasting friends.

Till next week lovers!


Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #6

The LOOKBOOKS are back! Well, for a while longer still. I must admit that I am not ready to pass on my ambassadorship torch just yet (*sniif!sniff!). The role fits me nicely. It reminds me that I once wanted to be a Fashion Designer myself & reinforce the idea of incorporating Fashion/Style into my Yoga & Art venture. As we move slowly (said like this… ‘SlOOOOOOOOWLY’) out of summer , I got some fierce looks for you this week. Sit back, relax and enjoy this fashion ride


Yogi On the Looss #balletdays


Yogi on the Loose this week is inspired by my ballerina days. The yoga leggings limit is no longer! I love this looser version of the leggings which I’ve worn travelling a couple times they are so comfy. Then, what you are seeing is not a traditional bracelet but a upper arm bracelet that is just the right fit of gypsy.


Beachin’ IT #BeachesOfTheWorld


The water is uber warm these days, yet still so refreshing. This gray dress ( Forever 21) was a steal and material is a bit thicker that your regular summer dress with a zipper in the back I was sold. Love slipping it on after an ocean swim. I got a leopard headband and some SecondLife Artisan jewels, definitely adds to plain grey. Got to spice it up somehow.


Feminine Wanderer #FeminineWanderer


As you know, I am a big fan of denim everything. This high-waisted skirt has been a staple. Stripes are always so retro. And you can never go wrong ( almost never, ever ) with a big necklace. BA Da BOOM!


Vive ‘The Standard’


I called this outfit the ‘standard’ since it’s your plain jeans & white shirt! It’s your ‘girl next door’ look yet has a bit of individuality ( see buttons and belt). I also would have wished to close up on the ‘clock’ necklace which was a beautiful find a couple weeks ago from Gillian Hannah Berry Designs! I love meeting young and fresh jewellery designer, and then wearing there trinkets.


Last but not least, Miss Tink, this week! ( Blog readers get the sneak peak!)




Look at that pout!! It is soon the end of my reign, and I’m mad… or may be that’s a sad? Who knows… am just not happy about it! The End.


Till next week, lovers!


p.s: I got some brilliant finds at Bodega this week and can't wait to show you next week. Stay tuned.


I have just come back from beautiful PEI. I am exhausted. Travelled out. The idea of packing again (even for 2 overnights) seemed daunting- borderline over-the top! I have NOTHING else to wear I told myself. But, of course, I was wrong. Of course there is always possibilities when it comes to clothes, and style and well, yes- TRAVELLING!


I have now cut it down to 3 items you ABSOLUTLY need when traveling. They lovingly include      (see reverse psychology here) :


-       SUNGLASSES!! Summer travelling or summer destination travelling should always include a mega good pair of sunglass. Ones that cover your face & hangover. One you can go about your day without make-up in. One that can act as a headband if needed, and one that the Tim Hortons girls at the drive thru will always comment on. This years Chanel’s knock-off, have totally done the trick!

-       PLAYSUIT! Or jumpsuit. Call me grammy, but I love me a good travelling outfit. Something trendy, yet you are comfortable, can sit cross-legged (ola, yoga teachers!), and well can endure the test of TIME. Time on a plane, on the car ( when the ferry is full!) or just waiting in a hotel lobby at 5 am.  I am sucker for a ‘throw-on’, ONE thing that does the trick. Simple. Fresh. The Playsuit onsie, is new but not so new. Retro & hip: I’ve just been loving them.

-       HAPPINESS: Which I know, technically is NOT a piece of clothing. It’s pretty cheesy really. But 110% know it’s WORKS. WHATEVER you are wearing, if you' re happy, YOU NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

Here is my piece of wisdom for this week. I will have some lookbooks ready for you next week, as I settle in to my home again and my Fall  Art/Yoga Program starts.


Namaste, HAPPY people!


Estelle x 


This position of 'Bodega Ambassador' has reinforced what I already knew: I love fashion-related stuff. It really is self-expression at its best. I am a style eater, I love people watching, I crave characters, i look for lines, details that turn into trend. 

Sketching is very relaxing for me. Painting transports me into the present moment, stops times and I am suddenly engulfed in well-being. I hope this collection can make it's way into your home. A reminder of some alter-ego you are, some other lives you've lived or a best friend you have. 

There are a few more to come. But here is a GIANT seek peak, a visual party. 


till next times lovers, 









Thoughts on Packing and Other Such Modernity’s (continued…)

Well, I am back and still unpacked (no a surprise there). I had a dreamy & most wonderful vacation. I have a tan, white nails & a lighter spirit. Proudly, I have worn every single piece of CLOTHING in my baggages. Some highlights of my trip include:


-       Spending 3 hours in a California Free People store & being completely content AND wanting to stay 3 hours more. This is also, unbelievably, the only shopping I did.


-       Sketching an entire Fashion Illustration Collection (you’ll WANT to check out my next BLOG)


-       Electric Orange lips, adds spunks to any outfit.


-       Friends & family times for days, yoga under a palapa & many more memorable moments with my loves.



I will also confess not wearing the body chain (which is technically a JEWELLERY and not a piece of clothing), although I am not giving up on it yet! It’s hilarious to think I didn’t wear my Birkenstocks either (which is technically a SHOE and not a piece of clothing). That my friends, must be a catch 22! The practical and frivolous did not win, but the in-betweens did. Here are –by far- the pieces that worked on my tropical holidays.


-       My Bodega High & Dry Kato Pants. I was in them almost every night.

-       Headbands- very hard to keep serious, stylish bang in humidity.

-       ROMPERS. Love them. Live in them.


My next LOOKBOOK will be about the up and coming FALL season, can you believe the passing of time?


Till next time lovers,