Love that mindfulness is such a mainstream word these days.

Coined by the beloved author, Sharon Blackie, “BODYFULLNESS” - which I personally hope becomes common language too, someday!

We are not just a mind now, are we?

To put it simply, I am happier when I move. I think better. My brain is in less of a fog. My vision is sharper. I am less on edge. By the time I finish my dance-off, I am reinvigorated. The more I dance, the more I see that they’re is dance in everything.

I’ve been loving incorporating the dance breaks within my slower more meditative yoga practice too. I get so serious you know?

Tuesday dance off at your place, k?

Love you in cultivating bodyfullness, always.

E xo

Saraswati, #sheleaps and painting real life stuff


My public #sheleaps challenge in collaboration with the Practice Movement Studio is well underway, and for 21 days I have decided to paint real life stuff! Paint the ordinary, you know… my life! My life, which I think is far from the ordinary since I’ve literally taught myself to see the beauty in the mundane thanks to my art & yoga practice… but I digress…

Here are some of my paintings so far! :) Most of which where taken on my trip last week to stunning Alberta!

Whenever I start a 21 days or 100 days or leaps, I always call on the goddess Saraswati (picture below). Saraswati is the emblem of my Art & Yoga Studio, and I call on her when I start a new project !

In yoga philosophy, Saraswati is the goddess of communication, self-expression and truth. She helps you float on and into any challenge.

In yoga philosophy, Saraswati is the goddess of communication, self-expression and truth. She helps you float on and into any challenge.

But before the Alberta stuff….Day 1 his is my backyard!! ( a wee bit more tropical than Cow Bay, it might be wishful thinking after all! This is what I look out too from one of the windows of my art studio.

But before the Alberta stuff….Day 1 his is my backyard!! ( a wee bit more tropical than Cow Bay, it might be wishful thinking after all! This is what I look out too from one of the windows of my art studio.

Day 2 is in Alberta! My mother in law has the most awesome flower pots!

Day 2 is in Alberta! My mother in law has the most awesome flower pots!

I painted those from there!!

I painted those from there!!

She also has the most awesome cactuses!!

She also has the most awesome cactuses!!

Then I started taking pictures, and painting that!! THAT’S REAL LIFE PEOPLE!! lol

This next one might be my favourite!!

Love , love, love where this 21 days of painting is taking me! Places I never thought I would paint before. Not sure why I resisted so long to paint more real life stuff.

Off leaping I go on painting real life I go!

Exceptionally proud of everyone on this quest!

E.x o

What makes you feel alive today?


She Quest Podcast Season 1 recordings is wrapped up

(i’ve even put a bow on it, cuz you know me ; ) ).

WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE TODAY? is the ritual question I ask all my guest because ….first things first!

It’s an important ask, one that I wish would replace the common “how are you” which is replied (automatically, most often, to boot) with “fine, thanks”.

Asking “whats good today? what makes you feel alive today?” has no choice but make you notice whats alive all around.

And while Episode 9& 10 is to be launched in a week for SHE QUEST members, here is a wrap up tease of what my badass SHE QUEST guest said proudly!

More goodness in Season 2, coming in She Quest Membership near you.

Love you in sun, space, and sleep, always.

E. xo

To paint the ordinary... here we go!


It’s Day 9 of my public #sheleaps challenge! and ps.... I am doing it too! 👊🏼

( my third 21- days #sheleaps this summer... woot ! woot!!)

For many years now, I have been resisting painting "still life" and "real life" stuff. Its easy for me to paint magical realism.

I paint what I imagine.
I paint my dreams.
I paint magic gardens where leaves are blue and pink.
I paint women with whales in their bellies and little girls that fly with eagles and bubbles.
But since I believe that magic is found in the ordinary and the boring, for this 21 days, I am challenging myself to paint the ordinary!
A constant thread for us SHE QUESTER : what you resist, it's there that your soul can grow.
I can’t wait to show you my “still life” paintings on this blog, later this week !
Remember #sheleaps -the moment you want to stop, that’s when the real work begins.

Love you so much!

E .xo

SHE LEAPS: Challenge begins August 5th!

21 Days of "SHE" Leaps


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.- Lao-Tzu 

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

This summer, I sat down and wrote my priorities, values and feelings.

 In a nutshell, this is what was rising in me now…

My priorities

Being present for my life, then my family life.

Stay healthy with running, yoga and dancing. Painting SHE. Holding space for myself + students. 

Radiantly alive, loving and giving of my light. Knowing my spark. 

I value:

Magic, Beauty, Connection with body, mind, soul. Dancing. Unrestrained living. Passion. 

I feel: 

Enthusiastic , Grounded, Powerful, Tenacious, Refreshed. 

After doing this mini soul inquiry exercise, I decided on my #sheleaps challenge. My #sheleaps challenge idea is heavily inspired from my SMALL DAILY ACTS OF BRAVERY philosophy. Watch the episode with this title on my CBC documentary here: 

Back at the beginning of the summer, there was a soul whisper telling me to go plunge in the freezing ocean water for 21 days in a row ( crazy! made no-sense!!). Another whisper (that one was more like a scream!) was that I wanted to be offline for 21 days. So technically I had two SHE LEAPS set out: ocean plunge and digital detox


Did plunging in the ocean everyday make me feel enthusiast, grounded, powerful, tenacious, refreshed? YES, instantly! Was it everyday that I wanted to dip my body in the freezing ocean? Nope. But fuck it! I did it anyways. (Let it be known that I live 2 minutes away - the ocean is very accessible!) 

Did going offline for 21 days make me present for my life and family life? YES! Was I a clearer conduit for holding space to the women that mattered most. YES. Did it reclaim my time, and allow me to paint more? Fuck, yes! In times of solitude, I get to connect with the magnitude of my authentic self. Deep work and much less noise - that was the 21 days SHE LEAPS pilgrimage I was really seeking because I know what I value:  magic, beauty, connection with body, mind, soul. Dancing. Unrestrained living. Passion. 

Btw- it scared me to do both. The ocean plunge is the one I thought I wasn't going to finish. One day, there was a thunderstorm, and I went so far as to think it was too dangerous to take the plunge. But REALLY, it was just my inner critic putting me down. I just waited for the lightning to subside, and hop(!) I went. They're is something powerful in witnessing  my fearful train of thoughts and going beyond my fears . I realized that the days I resisted the most, are the days I needed my plunge THE MOST. As the days went on, it got easier and I stayed longer. I tried to not scream or make big movements when I took the plunge - I just went in and kept repeating the mantra "I've got this".

The digital detox is obviously tricky since my livelihood depends on me posting my art and writings online. But if anything, I wish I could have taken a longer Instagram sabbatical. To my surprise, it was easier than I thought. It was lovely to reclaim my time. I really didn't miss it and realized how much I had been craving my own magical kingdom of thoughts and sacred expression. This time alone - without so much screen time - lead to a complete restructuring of how I use my social media channels and how/when I spend time on the world wide web. 

#sheleaps is a public challenge but I see the SHE QUEST participants (YOU!)  as luminaries for it. Whatever it is you choose, you are ready! Here are 10 SHE LEAPS potential ideas

  1. 21 days of making veggie or fruit smoothies

  2. 21 days of painting flower power ( I am gifting this class for free only for SHE QUEST and art lovers of this group! - please email me if you would like your code!) 

  3. 21 days of journalling in the mornings for 5 minutes.

  4. 21 days of breathing/yoga exercises (review all videos so far).

  5. 21 days of no make-up.

  6. 21 days of pulling an oracle card. 

  7. 21 days of going to the beach - rain or shine.

  8. 21 days of making wild flower bouquets.

  9. 21 days of singing mantras.

  10. 21 days of nature walks - rain or shine. 

What will be your SHE-LEAPS? 


1) Starting Aug. 5th, Do one thing everyday for 21 days! One small daily act of bravery. Use #sheleaps and tag me @estelle.thomson and for your chance to win a 4 month SHE QUEST MEMBERSHIP ( sept, oct, nov, dec) AND one month unlimited yoga at the new studio in Dartmouth “The Practice”. The more you post under the hashtag #sheleaps, the more chances you have to win.

2) Really do it! It will be easier if you answer the soul inquiry questions above: What are my priorities?  What are my values?  What do I want to feel? On the days you don't want to bother, go back to your intention behind your small daily acts of bravery.

3) When we commit to something that is aligned with our priorities, values and feelings our spirit SOARS with gratitude & delight. Yes! This is a rule. Works every time.

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

Start with 5 minutes a day of something that perhaps scares you and /or makes you nervous. Your SHE-LEAPS have the powerful potential to become an ingrained daily ritual for the life you truly want to live.

The Practice Studio and I cannot wait to see your LEAPS!! Announce before Aug. 05! 

Estelle xo 

In the name of ART & YOGA

It’s been a learning curve for sure, but I’ve had so much fun this summer producing my new She Quest Podcast! My calling and mission with SHE QUEST has always been to educate and empower modern soulful women to carve pockets of time to implement real-life mindful and artful rituals in their lives and homes. I find podcasts to be a intimate and accessible way to get my points across! YAY.

Like this golden nugget: To normalize art & yoga! To bring back it’s rightful place in our society, schools and family. To try it. PLAY. EXPLORE. To stop overlooking it’s potency for healing physically, mentally, spiritually .

The SHE Quest Podcast will continue in the Fall in light of my first ever membership!

Watch out, world!


10 things I wish naïve ME knew 9 years ago.

Oh Lordy! Me- fresh out of my second Yoga Teachers Training in late July of 2010.  Photo Credit: Hannah Thomson

Oh Lordy! Me- fresh out of my second Yoga Teachers Training in late July of 2010.

Photo Credit: Hannah Thomson

9 years ago. Fresh out of Modo Yoga Teachers Training. Newly engaged with a few calm months to spare finishing my M.A . This feels like it was taken in another life, before entering the jungles gates to motherhood and what ultimately ensued.

Here are 10 things I wish naïve me knew way back when:

1)    In your quest to make people feel less broken and make that your life, you will learn the very same only by being broken yourself.

2)    You will make some terrible mistakes. Receive and give unfair feedback. It’s these fuck ups that will ultimately make you: a grown ass woman.   

3)    PLeasssse, giiiirlllll !!!! You are not here to fit in! Do your own thing. Do it your own way.

4)    Unrelated to art & yoga: GROW YOUR EYEBROWS.

5)    There is always more to learn and more to heal.

6)    Never look back. Nothing is ever wasted.

7)    You can touch others only as far as you’ve allowed to have been touched yourself.

8)    Say YES to your fate! Just say YES. Do not skip this important step. This will mean saying YES to death. YES to life. YES to horrible and wondrous thing. Saying yes will help you say no, too. Saying YES will walk you back to why you took your yoga teachers trainings and why you paint in the first place… for Moksha… for liberation.

9)   Insecurity is not the truth of you. Kindness is the truth of you.

10) Fuck it! Just do it. Go on, dance like everyone’s watching.

Yeah. Still naive. Still growing my eyebrows. Still trying my darndest best at life..

Yours in valuing your original self, always!

E. xo

Non-negotiable: Journalling & Mark- Making

Source: @juliacameronlive

Source: @juliacameronlive

I call bullshit on individuals who claim they cannot “journal”. As my best friend Julia Cameron writes: “If you can’t think of anything to write, then write “I can’t think of anything to write”.

Mark-making is also well under- utilized as a self-inquiring tool for personal growth.

It’s this black and white philosophy that 89% of our planet hold, that one of “I am not creative type”, “not for me” and the “how would I even go about this” thats led me to create my free guide to creative liberation. “Marks & Doodles” which btw, you can find it as a permanent instalment on my website here:

Journalling and Mark-Marking are really you, healing in motion.

Available to you in this permission, on your pages, a brain dump! And when you cannot put words to it, you can surely put marks to it! It’s a powerful thing to see your life on paper, to let it unfold in all it’s wonder and imperfection. Right, Sark?

Source: @sarkilife

Source: @sarkilife

This is surely why I have created my own line of Journals and Portfolios!


I love my Estelle Thomson Art Permission Slip inscribed inside!

Let this journal be the roots

Let it help me grow.

Let it remind me that I loved.

Let it rip my heart wide open.

Between these pages, anything I want can be released

Why am i scared?

Why do i hide?

It’s now or never.

Show up. Be Loud.

I am ready to feel awake and alive, but from inside.

I understand that self-love requires self-work.

Let this journal witness to my words, stories, doodles, sketches, and paintings.

Bringing forth, whats within me:

I write.

I tell my story.

I doodle.

I sketch.

I paint.

And this will change my life and the world.


Yours in healing, always.


p.s: When you join SHE QUEST or THE LOVE PROJECT or YOGA MENTORSHIP or any of my on-site training you get a journal for free!

Rap it!

Source : Unknown

Source : Unknown

If you can call yourself human then you can call yourself an artist.

Also why self-expression is medicinal!!

Also why making art builds empathy, vulnerability and exercises courage!!

I am this close to making a rap song that repeats these lyrics over and over again: yo yo yo its in your DNA to make beautiful things!! Can you hear it? Bahahahahahaha I can.

Making art pulls you closer to your humanity and divinity.
Come to mama and tell me what you made todayyyyy!!!!!

Yours in creativity as a necessity, always.
E ⭐️

P.S: more on my Mindful Art philosophy HERE.

I am worthy of this life.

Here is the place where I discover my true self.

Here is the place that restores my well-being

Improves my vitality

Promotes my assuredness.

That I am worthy of this life.

I am worthy of Spanish Rooftops.

Messy hair buns and dirty sore traveling feet.

I am worthy of this body’s originality, focus and integrity.

Here is the place of all place that I can be that.

Feel and move safely with this life.

Here I can trust.

Yours in discovering your true self, always.

E. xo

Blessed & Generous: NEW SHE PAINTS RUMI

Day 1/ 100  #shepaintsrumi  ♦️ What hurts you blesses you.  Darkness is your candle. •

Day 1/ 100 #shepaintsrumi ♦️
What hurts you blesses you.
Darkness is your candle. •

SHE PAINTS RUMI is well and alive! Bringing the power of women to Rumi’s quotes.

I have been a busy bee in my studio working on bigger handmade piece! For a couple years now, I seem to go through the same creative process.

I sketch and watercolour paint the women that wants out of me. And then use my own watercolour piece to inspire to bigger replica. Check it out!

Day 13/100  #shepaintsrumi   Be like the sun for grace and mercy.  Be like the night to cover other’s faults.  Be like running water for generosity.  Be like a death for rage and anger.  Be like the earth for modesty.  Appear as you are.  Be as you appear.

Day 13/100 #shepaintsrumi
Be like the sun for grace and mercy.
Be like the night to cover other’s faults.
Be like running water for generosity.
Be like a death for rage and anger.
Be like the earth for modesty.
Appear as you are.
Be as you appear.

The making of She-Generous …

Finished piece, ready to be hung on a lucky wall!

Art as the possibility to turns heartbreak into marvels, the earthly into heavenly, invisible into phenomenal.

If you let it…….

Yours in SHE Art, always.



SHE- Clever

SHE- Clever

🔻PRE-RELEASE #shepaintsrumi
I’ve put together



These are prints of original artwork from my new collection SHE paints Rumi (sold unframed).

You have choice of 5”x7” or 8”x10” unless you want to Original piece which varies in size. All work are printed locally and carefully packaged in my Art & Yoga Studio un Cow Bay.

Order ships anywheres there is a mailbox and ships in 7-10days, depending on when you place your order. If you are local, their is a chance for you to book an appointment for pick-up. International order can take up to 4 weeks.

The full collection will be release at the end of Summer/beginning Sept - when I hope my 2019 100 day project will be in the sack!

SHE -Notorious

SHE -Notorious

Love you in cleverness, full moon and notoriety- always 😉
All pre-release prints are limited quantities!
Link in profile to shop!
E ⭐️

BODY FUNK: What helps?

0 copy.jpg

My son Thomas who died unexpectedly almost 5 years ago now, was born at 26 weeks of gestation. After I had him,  I felt completely betrayed by my body. I keep saying: "you had one job and you didn’t do it right! ". My faith and trust toward my body was inexistent. I quite literally hated my body for a long time, I couldn't even look at it. At that time, do you know what helped most?

NATURE. Being out in it, walks, and strolls-not for exercises (!!!)-  just to be IN it! I love laying in the grass or just breathing its beauty. Nature betrays us all the time with hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, and ice storms. And somehow it always rebuilds itself anew and thrives! It doesn't look the exact same as it did before the environmental crisis, but it goes on loving to breathing life again.

I had never linked my body to nature, but the more I befriend nature, the more I befriend my body. So that's help.

Bulk of us are disembodied and  bulks of us are dis-natured as well!

Also having a plan for when I get in deep body funk, helps!

My plan, is to use the I the mantra: YES!

For example, using my words:

1) I think I look like shit today, okay say "YES! I look like shit today"

Now that you have accepted it.
Plan a response.

2) Practice seeing how you want to act, talk and feel towards your body. This "act" part that needs fiery energy and "fuck it" attitude ( excuse my french!)  - but again being in nature (if possible) might totally help with your energy levels.

The Mindful Art Exercise on the Element for this module will complement what I’ve just shared. You can access the Mindful Art Exercise by being a member of SHE QUEST here.

Also this Release Breath exercises really helps me when I am angry/frustrated: 

Deep bows, and with you on this journey, E. xo 

More inspiration, below.

Softness a transformation


What resonates for me this week is the idea of softness.
To be clear: soft and gentle is where my ( feminine powers)lies.
Softness and gentleness is the way of She Quest.
In many ways, this is what we are trying to wake up!
Rest is where my power lives.
Surrendering is where my power lives.
Where their is softness, their lies the transformation I seek!

That's huge to know in a Western culture that as a rule doesn't reward things that take a rest, or pause or take vacations. We love "busy, busy, busy" because that makes us "important, important, important". Our culture's response is even more skewed when something 'spins out of control' or 'breaks down'. I want to remind you in this check- in that the goal of SHE QUEST is not one for more self- judgment. Instead to simply notice your patterns of thoughts and behaviour with ultimate compassion.

Shakti powers operates in cycles, it 'spins' , 'swirls' and 'spirals' and I find it fascinating that when they feel 'powerless' or 'out of control' it feels just like that “spinning”. . And am like... but THAT'S Shakti powers! It's counter intuitive I know, because life being out of control doesn't seem like a powerful life, but it's the willingness to go there that is. When was the last time you gave yourself the space to truly fall apart? Most of us hide or push our emotions on the sides, in order to deal with the demands of "busy, busy, busy". As a rule, this can only continue for so long before it catches up with you.

In SHE QUEST, power is anchored in self- trust and cultivated from within.
From that stand point, power has nothing to do with money, fame, gender and everything to do with your self-regulating tools to navigate the unknown, a.k.a "spinning out of control". In this program,
we explore compasses such as discussions, journalling, breathing exercises, mantra's, art and yoga.

For example, this is why I love to embody swirls with my hands and that my Instagram is filled with clips of me twirling! This is how I teach my body to embody Shakti's swirl and dance! Last year, our Mindful art exercise for our power (Shakti) week was to paint swirls: you could do some in your journals today if you wish. So when I feel the 'spinning out of control' happen, I go with it, instead of resisting it with all my might. I let myself go to the places i've never let myself go. Best yet, the spinning doesn't feel foreign because i've been there before with my heart at play.

It's simple and complex and it's a life practice to balance the energies of softness and action.
Masculine & Feminine.
Earth & Water.
Fire & Air.
Light & Dark.
Baby steps taking your new definition of power back.

Namaste, questers!
Estelle xo

Hint: The darker the secret, the sparkliest the cave

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 9.57.25 PM.png

CAN we stop competing and comparing? Many, many people don’t feel justify speaking/sharing their stories because it’s nothing like « other » people hurdles. For example, sometimes the most well-meaning humans have uttered to me « nothing like you’ve been through ». That’s not fair!!!! It’s all valid. ALL of it. What you think is a minuscule malaise could be the tragedy for another. And it’s ALL valid . When we begin to look at another human pains as our own, another human emotions as our own, only then we start the subtle and powerful work of unfolding. In SHE Quest I call it « the work ». But it start with telling your story and saying: I matter!! Loud or shy: i matter!! Hurdles and screw ups will never, ever stop. Things will come crashing down and dang it I have no control over it. But when I looks, listen, write, tell or dance my story I get to see the world is full of magical cross-overs and thresholds to dark secrets that leads to sparkly caves. In that way, I make way for peace.
Hint: The darker the secret, the sparkliest the cave.
My cross- over was loosing Tommy.
For you- it’s something else and it’s ALL valid.
Yours in wonder entrances and dancing stories, always.
E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever

Answer D

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 9.55.10 PM.png

How did I find myself twirling in Spain?

A) Tommy
B) Picasso
C) Gelato
D) all of the above

It’s a simple fact of life that I wouldn’t be in Barcelona if it weren’t for loosing Tommy. So while I am rapping up an incredible week of leading 12 starlight souls in South of France, I decided to hop over to Spain for a twirl or two.
Grieving Tommy has taught me so much, you know !? First, to never avoid or postpone life. Second, to let yourself go to the depth of your sadness. It’s there that you will find yourself refusing to live small and numb. I always thought sad was dark and depressed but it’s quite the opposite. In this sacred place, I found movement, colours , dance and flow. The dark places inside you are like Picasso’s sacred art : deeply misunderstood, undervalued, offends and revolts the oppressed. And yet, without Picasso the world of art wouldn’t have renewed and exploded like it did.

Third, Tommy has taught me that real grieving never gets stuck, never waits, never hesitates. In that way, Tommy (and Picasso) have made saying “Who does that !? “ not exist.

Real grieving let me see and feel with my whole body (note: not just from the neck up) that life is generous, wide and alive. Its sweet , crunchy and scrumptious to the sense and and I don’t want to be held back- I’ll take two scoops, please!
I’m so proud of my Tinker for teaching me this, you know ? Picasso’s art and gelato are just bonuses.
Answer D) all of the above!

Love you in #tommytinkerforever, always.
E ⭐️

A mother’s strength & magic.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.05.21 PM.png

✨Lately, Isaiah has been asking for some alone time. “Please don’t disturb me mommy, right now, I’d like to have quiet time in my room”. I secretly chuckle because it’s seems like funny words coming out of 7 years old and also- how many times has he heard this from me? Bahaaaha. I taught him that, you know?!

I retrieved this picture the other day of a younger Isaiah. A season in my life where ‘quiet time’ didn’t seem to exist. I remember feeling robbed of so much back when the boys where really little. My body didn’t feel mine, my mind and dreams highjacked by bottle feedings, sticky fingers and dry milk. I remember feeling so weak all over, you know?

There is a quote by Alan Watts I love that says: “in giving away control, you’ve got it”. On days where I felt unworthy in my motherhood journey- art and yoga has always offered solace and a place of belonging. And look! What the hell? In the midst of a grey day walk- this supposedly ‘weak’ mother was sneaking in a postures I don’t even know I can do today ! I don’t see weak. What I see is a mother’s strength and magic. I see someone trying to squeeze in “alone” time where and when she can. While the same time, teaching her toddler how to do the same.

Most importantly, art& yoga has the possibility to transform how you live your life- it has for me over and over again. Whether that be doing funny shapes on top of rocks, painting in hospital rooms or waking up earlier than everyone to chase sunrises. You’ve got the power to sneak it in at the most unexpected of places. I dare you. Will you let it? Because as Alan Watts so poignantly puts it … “you’ve got it.”

Yours in letting life work through you and not the other way around.

E ⭐️

Brave is Vulnerable

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.01.09 PM.png

“Everybody wants to be brave. Very few of us want to feel vulnerable. Brave is vulnerable!!!!! “

My bff @brenebrown is on Netflix & and it’s raining until May in Nova Scotia so GO watch it.
Today. Tonight. ASAP.

Yours in reframing superpowers, always
Today. Tonight. ASAP.
E ⭐️

She Quest: what a ride!

EC9955DA-3842-4633-B900-347569BC31D8 (1).jpg

🔻In 2017, I was ferociously painting my summer days away with my first SHE Collection art show.

All these pieces you see here have sold. I’ve actually been commissioned to paint an exact replica of the mermaid taking off her mask. The SHE Quest ride as been a reclaiming and reframing how I see myself has a woman. My quest in striving to live aware, bold and whole as evolved into a School, a podcast, yoga classes, journaling prompt, mindful art exercises ... and most of all support! All this because I had the crazy idea to paint 100 women in 100 days.
More to come in#shepaintsrumi too!
Yours in living the artful life, always.
E ⭐️