See the Light


A month before she passed, I interviewed Hannah on She Quest Podcast. There are sets of questions you know, I ask on my show. One of them is “what is your mantra?”. Think of a mantra as invisible string of words tattooed on you. Something you can repeat yourself.


And she said “see the light”. She said that.


Today, it seems my life was so not funny, it was funny. The cry-laugh phase, where all I wanted to do is give up and swear in slang French (they a much nastier than ‘fuck’ if you ask me). I found myself so stuck in my own b.s. I couldn’t get out.


And then, I remember Hannah’s words “see the light”. SEE THE LIGHT. See the light.


Then you know what I did? I decided to SEE THE LIGHT.  


I went for a second cup of coffee. ( one of the lucky few who had power!)

I put on a neon pink shirt. (Hannah would have approved)

I got out of my own way. ( yes, mantra’s will do that!)


If anything, both Tommy or Hannah taught me is to SEE THE LIGHT.


And also, to never, never NEVER give up.


Yours in good word tattoo’s, always

E. xo