What is your relationship to your heart?


I am no cardiologist.
But I’m a human.
I have heart.

In a generation that overuse the popular 'follow your heart' motto, in my yoga classes this Fall we will dissect your heart's situation with my Anatomy of the Yogis Heart Program . What does it really mean to 'Follow your heart!?' and how the hell can I do that !? No recipes books here, no 1, 2, 3’s. Your heart doesn’t speak english, or french. It's speaks in pulls, shoves and breaks. Sounds, symbols and stories.

The yogi's surgery requires careful practice of prana, beats and flow. It requires (but not limited to):

1) listening to your insides
2) pumping blood &sweat & tears
3) metaphorical thinking.
4) and HUMOUR (capitals needed)

WEEK 1 (first day of class at @dartmouthyogacentre tomorrow!)

Title: Tapping into the "Metta" : Metta can be loosely translated in 'loving kindness' or 'all-pervading compassion'. This week we tap into it by breathing from our feets and hands with kundalini-inspired exercises, lotus mudras, and of course backbends!

New Playlist & Essential Oils too.

Babies/Bellies also starting tomorrow!
E. ⭐️

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