Loud, Messy, Sticky, CHAOS

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The real yoga starts when it’s loud, its messy, its sticky, it’s chaos.

Real yoga is every minute unpredicted, not scheduled, stops and starts, uncomfortable, awkward, grumpy, fussy, smells like poop.

Real yoga starts when you show up ANYWAY and despite of all the barriers that could have STOPPED you for not showing up to that split second of aliveness, bliss, expansion, anchoring you’re craving and needing so badly.

You show up when your late, you show up when you feel down in the dumps negative, you show up, you show up, you show up.

Real yoga is not hiding, not faking, not censoring!!! It’s being in a seas of wails & cries and not reacting. Actively waiting with my best allie: BREATH. What a super power yogi parents have!

Job love on a WEDNESDAY, always.
And a lil’ preachin’ too!!! 😉

Love you in babies, bellies & magic- ALWAYS
E ⭐️