To rise with butterflies.

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

I close my eye. I dance. I collapse. I turn over in the sand. I jump in ocean to wash the sand. My heart is shut. I’m so angry I could scream. I scream. I run. I twirl.  My heart re-opens. I lie in the earth desperate for things to be different. Why did this have to happen? Why does my life have to look like this? I resist change. I procrastinate. I wake up in the middle of the night anxious, alone, restless. I make good hearty soup. I eat junk. I want to be with people. I want to be alone. I ask the universe for signs. I don’t see anything. C’mon universe! I get shook up by a book, a friend, a teacher. I still see nothing. Ok, fine I’ll wait. I’ll rest. I’ll walk. I’ll create. I create. I create. I create. I can see now. I see everything. My heart re-opens. I am here. I show up. I serve. I breathe new life. I never stop hoping and dreaming and desiring. Growing. Butterflying.

Slowly, I take the permission slip to live my life my way.

I step into my grief project, my love project.

I am grounded. I root, rock and sway.

I ignite, burn and combust to rise with butterflies.

They’ve taught me so much.

That to cocoon, morph and metamorphose is crucial

Then and only then will I take my formidable flight.

I want to embody my life. Stop the by-pass.

Hold the good memories and the tragedies.

With grace. With ease.


Okay fine.

I make a pack.

To lead it with love.

To lead it with truth.

Yours in what it means to love & grieve, always.

E. xo

I start another round of the Love Project Workshop Sept. 28. knowing with deep conviction that just like the butterfly: rebirth and release is there in all forms. This is small group workshops, please sign-up through ON THE MAT Yoga Studio today.