Dance it out!!

I tell my students to not wait until they feel ready to begin!
Not wait until the kids are older!
Not wait until you have time {oh ma gawd... that’s a biggie!}.
No wait until you have space!
Not wait until your “less” busy!
Not wait until you have money!
No wait until your insecurities are in check.
Not wait. Not wait!!!! You beginning something for yourself is you taking your power back.
You creating, is you embracing life and saving yourself.
And gosh, I’ve had to give myself my own pet talk tonight- on the eve of my launching my most radical, generous and futuristic offering yet.
Doors open TOMORROW.
This is BIG! 💥 💥 💥 Excited. Scared. Jitters. Perhaps am crazy enough to think every SHE is worth having the life they deserve. Perhaps am just crazy 😜
Nothing left to do now but.........
Dannnnnnnnce it out.
I was meant to do this.
Love you in high fives and dancing with girlfriends, always!
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