Self-care revisited



When I choose self-care, I choose the life I want. 

I don’t think of self- care or “me time” solely as going on a retreat or having a massage or time for a hot hot bath any longer (although these things are extra nice).

I’ve begun to see self care has the thing I least want to do.

Self-care is saying yes to the life that as chosen me.

Its saying no to the things that make me feel crappy.

It’s answering the call of what excites me the most.

Its taking my power back in small increments.

It’s pressing the 3 P’s button: Permission. Passion. Peace. 

Every single one of these goddesses chose unapologetic realness that week back in France. Do you need to go to France to find this!? No! Soul connection comes from within and needs no external treatment. But France did bring expansion and release, because traveling to another country will do this to anyone.

Yes, I’ve started seeing self-care in letting go of that which no longer serves me (food, habits, thought patterns). Reframing my limiting beliefs “people like me don’t do that “ “am not good enough” to “screw it am doing it anyways!”. ( I mean who said these things to your subconscious anyways???)

Look, self-care is letting yourself engage with the world the way you were meant to engage with the world. And that’s where your giant lives! 

Basically, being on SHE Quest is loving a life you don’t not want to escape from... ever! 

Yours in goddesses as giants, always.

E ⭐️