3 Ways You Can Exercise Beauty Today

Forget what you think is beautiful.

Forget what you think is not beautiful.

Forget what you’ve been taught about beauty for a split of a second and instead remember what’s true. This is perhaps the greatest gift of a daily art & yoga practice: a greater understanding of what is true. Not what is beautiful.

As an artist & yogi, my intention is to bring forth what’s inside me OUT. Express my innards out into the world. I don’t know anyone who’s innards is always pretty and cute. I also don’t know anyone who is able to live in a vacuum. Your truth is meant to be witness, shared and loved.

To not bypass the gut wrenching moments of my life ( one of mine was holding my sweet boy until the last few moments on earth) is not easy, it’s the work of a lifetime. My hope in giving you these 3 mini art & yoga tools, you can try to be comfortable in what you cannot change or solve.

  1. One of my favourite, quick getting ‘down and dirty' meditation is SAT NAM. Sat Nam meditation is an inner sound base meditation. The Sankrit word “Sat Nam” can be translated in English to “i am truth’. I sit down, cross legged and or on a chair for at least 5 minutes and Inhale to the sound Sat and exhale to sound Nam. Mantra’s have powerful in the the vibrational qualities, they stays with you all day ( if not weeks) long. I have students who say they cannot commit well to Sankrit, I would then suggest to repeat the mantra in English or your language of choice.

  2. In summer, I love to go outside and do a breathing exercise I call: breath beauty. It’s so simple! I go in my backyard - you can do this exercise ANYWHERES and breath everything that is around me. I breath the grass, and the trees, and the leaf, but I also breath the things I think are yucky like the spiders, the worms and even my old shed-lol! You can start with your yes wide open and look around you. Perhaps their are thing in your room or space of choice that you are seeing for the first time!

  3. You know I love journalling! I love it so much, I have several journals and portfolio’s in my online shop. To help you debunk your own concept of beauty and truth , answering these question will start the much needed conversation around this. Here are some prompts to start you with 1) what would happened if I operated from a place of truth? 2) How have I been not living my truth ( living a lie perhaps? ) 3) When is the last time I was truly moved by an experience?

Tommy and I wish you live in truth and never neglect the “not beautiful” , always.


p.s: Art & Yoga tools are the cornerstone of my on site THE LOVE PROJECT Workshop ( now open!) and SHE QUEST ( which is becoming membership in September)