Life is a ! : why taking an IG vacay is a must

Isaiah & me rolling around on the grass at home.

Isaiah & me rolling around on the grass at home.

Life is a !

I just took a mini sabbatical from ig and I feel refreshed! No scratch that:

I feel ANEW!

As a creator ( aka human!) , I must become aware of the cyclical nature of my work. I give and receive. Give and receive. To feel balance: I must give as much as I receive. And I give a lot, you know?

Taking an Instagram vacation is a must, because this summer am especially thirsty for

space, stillness and solitude.

SPACE: spacey fields where my mind can wander free, play, explore free of digital spammy noise. Why do you think your best ideas come in the shower or in shavasana? Because, SPACE. My greatest inspirational download have been when I have the physical, emotional and spiritual space to do so.

STILLNESS: as spiritual being, isn’t this what we crave? A slower world. A deeper, more meaningful world. I know I do. Social media is rocket speed fast for our dear ancient soul clock. Give yourself that sacred pause and BAM! Instantly feel calm, clear and focus. Stillness= goodness.

SOLITUDE: the power to be with your own thoughts and not tainted by another lashing out or venting. Self-talk and limiting beliefs is something I discuss at length in SHE QUEST , the LOVE PROJECT and MENTORSHIP. Why do you believe what you believe? Who said these things to you? What do you know to be true? Are you living in truth, with truth, for truth. And you better not cite me a Facebook source cuz i’ll flip.

I mean never mind my favourite S words, this summer I simply crave more:

Ocean mermaid plunge ! Nature hike with friends! Warm breeze! Friendly bond fires!

Dirty Feet! Chasing bugs! Lazy summer nights!

My son agrees.

and yesssss, they all need a ! because

life is !

life is ! and not to be missed while your head is in your phone.

Love you in all the !!!!!!!!! of the world over

E. xo