Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #2

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Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #2
Self- love & Roses 🥀
Emblems of #tinkerbellestyle

K, here’s the deal.

Walking the path of a spiritual style means being a devotee to seeing and creating beauty wherever I go. This includes my body- without clothes.

Bitchy confession: I work on loving my body every day. In truth, for most of my life, it hasn’t been easy being in it. This is why I became a yoga teacher! This is why I practice being ‘in’ it without fail, every day.

See, I believe that my soul chose this very body to be in. My soul is my love, my light and my truth: My soul also what makes me, ME. My dream outfit is an extension of this light.

As for the rose- a ritual of mine as been to gift myself a rose once a year or so. For no reason at all, I will go to the store and gift myself with this little beauty because I value exactly that: beauty. They say flower can lifts spirits. I believe the right clothes can do the same! Besides, the rose carries the love vibe like no other (symbol of the heart) and help you feel aligned in sacred geometry of all life.

As I move forward with this the idea of Spiritual Fashion, I hope to demystify what it means to value beauty. How paramount it is to know your core values and how will this will critically affect you wardrobe choices (and price tags). In the end, I hope it empowers your self-image while also help you being a conscious shopper.
This week: tell me 3 things you absolutely love about your body!

Bitch, please. The more you love yourself, the more magic you can experience.

Fuck it! And while you’re at it, buy yourself a rose 🥀 this week, too.
Love you and your body, too.
E xo