Strawberries and black coffee.


Dear Europe! 🍓 ☕️ ✨
You had me at strawberries and black coffee.
You had me at visions becoming reality and women inspiring the heck out of me.
Like a best friend that keeps me safe and loves me wild. The best, close kind.

This past week, I really could:
BREATHE in your old, old, history.
RELAX in your grandeur.
FEEL the beauty you hold so dear, the details you applaud, the tastes and castles you hold.
WATCH myself accelerated group growth has a student/teacher (same, same). Oh- and ALLOW.
Allow more flow, less doing- more connecting. The real and nowadays forgotten kind -face to face, eyes to eye- looking & listening.
Breath, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow is perhaps my favourite mantra. I have so many!
BREATHE, RELAX is the easy part.
FEEL, WATCH, ALLOW is the hard part.
What will YOU do to FEEL, WATCH and ALLOW life to unfold today?

By typing something in my comment section you educates, inspires and uplift others to do the same.
Like it’s not so archaic to FEEL life?
It’s necessary.
Love you in extra cold lac jumps and sweet juicy fruits, always.
E. xo