Softness a transformation


What resonates for me this week is the idea of softness.
To be clear: soft and gentle is where my ( feminine powers)lies.
Softness and gentleness is the way of She Quest.
In many ways, this is what we are trying to wake up!
Rest is where my power lives.
Surrendering is where my power lives.
Where their is softness, their lies the transformation I seek!

That's huge to know in a Western culture that as a rule doesn't reward things that take a rest, or pause or take vacations. We love "busy, busy, busy" because that makes us "important, important, important". Our culture's response is even more skewed when something 'spins out of control' or 'breaks down'. I want to remind you in this check- in that the goal of SHE QUEST is not one for more self- judgment. Instead to simply notice your patterns of thoughts and behaviour with ultimate compassion.

Shakti powers operates in cycles, it 'spins' , 'swirls' and 'spirals' and I find it fascinating that when they feel 'powerless' or 'out of control' it feels just like that “spinning”. . And am like... but THAT'S Shakti powers! It's counter intuitive I know, because life being out of control doesn't seem like a powerful life, but it's the willingness to go there that is. When was the last time you gave yourself the space to truly fall apart? Most of us hide or push our emotions on the sides, in order to deal with the demands of "busy, busy, busy". As a rule, this can only continue for so long before it catches up with you.

In SHE QUEST, power is anchored in self- trust and cultivated from within.
From that stand point, power has nothing to do with money, fame, gender and everything to do with your self-regulating tools to navigate the unknown, a.k.a "spinning out of control". In this program,
we explore compasses such as discussions, journalling, breathing exercises, mantra's, art and yoga.

For example, this is why I love to embody swirls with my hands and that my Instagram is filled with clips of me twirling! This is how I teach my body to embody Shakti's swirl and dance! Last year, our Mindful art exercise for our power (Shakti) week was to paint swirls: you could do some in your journals today if you wish. So when I feel the 'spinning out of control' happen, I go with it, instead of resisting it with all my might. I let myself go to the places i've never let myself go. Best yet, the spinning doesn't feel foreign because i've been there before with my heart at play.

It's simple and complex and it's a life practice to balance the energies of softness and action.
Masculine & Feminine.
Earth & Water.
Fire & Air.
Light & Dark.
Baby steps taking your new definition of power back.

Namaste, questers!
Estelle xo