She Quest: what a ride!

EC9955DA-3842-4633-B900-347569BC31D8 (1).jpg

🔻In 2017, I was ferociously painting my summer days away with my first SHE Collection art show.

All these pieces you see here have sold. I’ve actually been commissioned to paint an exact replica of the mermaid taking off her mask. The SHE Quest ride as been a reclaiming and reframing how I see myself has a woman. My quest in striving to live aware, bold and whole as evolved into a School, a podcast, yoga classes, journaling prompt, mindful art exercises ... and most of all support! All this because I had the crazy idea to paint 100 women in 100 days.
More to come in#shepaintsrumi too!
Yours in living the artful life, always.
E ⭐️