Hint: The darker the secret, the sparkliest the cave

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CAN we stop competing and comparing? Many, many people don’t feel justify speaking/sharing their stories because it’s nothing like « other » people hurdles. For example, sometimes the most well-meaning humans have uttered to me « nothing like you’ve been through ». That’s not fair!!!! It’s all valid. ALL of it. What you think is a minuscule malaise could be the tragedy for another. And it’s ALL valid . When we begin to look at another human pains as our own, another human emotions as our own, only then we start the subtle and powerful work of unfolding. In SHE Quest I call it « the work ». But it start with telling your story and saying: I matter!! Loud or shy: i matter!! Hurdles and screw ups will never, ever stop. Things will come crashing down and dang it I have no control over it. But when I looks, listen, write, tell or dance my story I get to see the world is full of magical cross-overs and thresholds to dark secrets that leads to sparkly caves. In that way, I make way for peace.
Hint: The darker the secret, the sparkliest the cave.
My cross- over was loosing Tommy.
For you- it’s something else and it’s ALL valid.
Yours in wonder entrances and dancing stories, always.
E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever