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✨Episode 6 & 7 are coming out this week (!!!!) on @cbc_eastcoast IGTV & @cbcns You Tube channel and you are in for a treat! Out of the whole series, they are my absolute favorite!! When we lost Tommy 4 years ago-it was obviously a trying time for me and my family- but an awakened time as well. Early on, every moment was red and raw. Everything was in my face. I remember taking my hands, holding my heart,  ever-grateful I had been doing contemplative work- painting and movement since 13. You see, instead of moving away from grief or pain, I decided to walk and write and dance and yoga and paint head first in it. I use it has a gateway to wonder & awe. Thank you and wow. 
Think of it like a cave, and getting into its innermost parts. I did this instinctively only because I had taught my body all these years and my body kept score. Behind me as allies: buoyancy, inner peace, wholeness, presence, stillness. Things I had tap into BEFORE shit hit the fan. With my tools for transitions, I  keep trucking, to keep going inside that cave, inside the void, inside the mess. 
Through grief and sorrow, having art & yoga created a means to restore my identify, reset my body, looked deeper in my broken heart. And soon you come to understand viscerally what Kalil Gibran speaks of so poignantly “and you shall find that it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. Joy and sorrow are inseparable”. If you are new here ( HI!! So many new friends ❤️❤️) I want you to know the intentions for  this platform has always been the same: to elevate & transform your awareness: live a better life with art & yoga, because I live a better life with art and yoga! 
In the end, Episode 6&7 are about remembering. To let it in.  Remember that life is dazzling, bold and bright. Remember to make space for the dark and denser place of who you are. 
To Unfold. Unwind. Stop. Look. Go. 
To remember that your breath is a pathway and doorway to what is given on to you. 
Loving you, always. 
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