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The 🐛 caterpillar to butterfly 🦋 transformation taught me that without inner struggle, there is no inner strength. 
That suffering well starts with the self. That a compassionate and conscious life starts with the self. That healing and creativity is slow and patient work. That grief stories needs to be shared and held by others who are willing to listen, look and love. By looking at others in pain, we can heal our own. Witness the unfolding, the awakening. Enter the gates. 
That in hindsight- what a gift, Tommy left me. To never be without his heart. To fear no fate. To know the deepest secret nobody knows. 
To carry his heart with me ( to carry it, in my heart).
Love you in grieving & loving, always E ⭐️ #eecummings #icarryyourheart#icarryitinmyheart #tommytinkerforeverlens: @jessekamm who is genius with visions. Xo