Family Portrait


One week before Tommy passed, @hannahthomson asked me if I wanted to take a family portrait. She asked me several times. I brushed it off-several times. It was Isaiah birthday party morning, and i’d been up since the crack of dawn puttering around. I still had xyz to do. I felt flustered. I just couldn’t be bothered. 
Looking back, they’re are many things I regret, of course. But this one, is probably in the top 3. I’ve asked myself why it mattered so much to me. And because I am such a visual creature, it’s probably that. I look at paintings and pictures- and they have this ability to transport me. And like the click of fingers, I can travel back to that exact moment where all was well. It was fleeting, this moment. The time of the timer’s click. A beat. A clap. But it was real. Us, all hugged in. It was pure. It was soft. It was love.

This post is dedicated to your greatest & highest love -mine pictured here 💋
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