Receptive Quest


For the seventh SHE Print of the week I have chosen I piece called SHE: RECEPTIVE. This SHE print ignites in you the power to receive life just as it comes. This week is guided and inspired by a quote from Thomas Merton:

There is in all things an inexhaustible sweetness and purity, the silence that is a fountain in action and joy. It rises up in the worthless gentleness and flows out to me from the unseen roots of all created beings. 


This week reflect, comment or journal below.

How do I react to bad news?
Do I freeze and numb?
Do I breath it in?
Do I react or let it minger?
How can I receive life more wholeheartedly?
Can I cultivate presence? Can I breath in my life? Can I breath out my life? 

Receptivity, teaches open-mindedness. But receptivity, can also be in the form observations instead of reaction. A surrendering and then a true letting go. I always tell my students that 'letting go' is not something I can teach them. They're are no step-by-step books. They need to cultivate this letting go on their own. The yoga gives you tool, the more you use these tool, the more you teach your body how surrender and receive. 

This week, think of receptivity has a feeding back loop from your inner landscape to your outer landscape of being. Make it the  clearest it’s ever been. Invite fear. All your fears. Welcome acceptance.