Calling on Elpis


In Greek mythology HOPE is portrayed as a young woman carrying flowers in her arms. Her name is Elpis. Moros- her opposite- is the spirit of helplessness. 
The word helplessness doesn’t even begin to capture the experience of living with loss. 

When Tommy was alive, and in what I thought where my most desperate times (because I had not clue of what was coming) I realized that hope wasn’t just about having a positive attitude. 

Hope was being ok with whatever happens. Hope was trusting the mystery of each day. This is exactly what got me through loosing my sweet boy. That, and art & yoga.

I look back at the times in my life where I danced darkly with Moros, I know that those lows were necessary for me to waltz back romantically to Elpis. 

Today- I invite you to pick up some flowers (any flowers!) and carry them in your arms. To feel a tiny flicker of hope perhaps, that the mystery is unfolding right has it should. 

Today, call upon Elpis. Walk with hope! Dance with hope! 
Trust the mystery.

Love you 💋 E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever#fireofhope