Nature & Healing

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🌿We were meant to engage with the world slow and unselfconsciously. 
Could you sit on a park bench, without pulling out your phone and be mesmerize by shadows rolling by? Could you walk somewhere (not fast) and look around you at the lovely houses, blue skies and hear sound of kids play. Can you put a frame around your morning snack and leisurely sip the coffee lingering in its vapor? Can you engage with the world even through all the broken things it gave you- shitty memories, shocking illnesses, devastating losses? 
Creativity is not just about making something every day. Creativity is engaging with the world the way you were meant to engage with the world. To look at things longingly. To talk to real people about real life things. And also: nature. To ride the waves. To give it back. What is it you don’t need. Give it back to her-the earth.You can talk to her too. 
Lying here, it’s hard for me to feel lonely. I have pansies, grass and a breath. The rest is just a plus, really. 
Love you in nature & healing too, 
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