Young Rain

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Let the young rain of tears come,
Let the calm hands of grief come,
It’s not all as evil as you think.
~ Rolf Jacobsen
When I comb through almost four years of grief project entries and post, I shake my head (like I still can’t believe it!) knowing I unconsciously studied : death. Tommy’s death- yes. My own premature death and messy (a.k.a beautifully painful) morphing. But also and most fascinating, our North American cultural (narrow!) view on grief. Just like creativity, we need to start widening our lens on what in means to grieve, and how ‘it’s not as evil as you think’ . Staying open to this idea is hard in a society that keep pushing grief to the sideline. Grief has obviously to do with someone you love dying (which as def be my way in), but also everything to do with your fragmented body, brain, psyche, family, world (also very much my way in). It’s so f%#&cking big. I’m done benching grief! 👊🏼✨
Love you and #tommytinkerforever too,
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