Grief Was Like A Garden

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ZaZa had begged me to do some spring planting. I reluctantly agreed but made something clear. ‘We can’t plant seeds honey until we weed those garden beds!’ I told him. 
I explained that weeds can sap water and nutrients from the soil and this was horrible (!) it could starve our plants and flowers. Nothing would grow. Keeping the weeds under control helped the plants thrive and bloom.

It made me think that grief was like a garden, you know? You have to tend to it. Stir the soil. Pull roots out. Chop some off. Some weeds are stubborn, you think they are gone and then nope they make a vicious comeback. For those unmanageable, you get down on knees, you get dirty. Argh! 
It’s radical, you know. To think of your heartbreaks, anguishes and worries as a garden that needs tending. And yet, Oscar Wilde knew it as he wrote: “Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.” Soul work, just like weeding, transforms suffering into fertile and rich soil now ready for planting, budding and blooming.

Anyways- i might dislike weeding, but I love colours and feeling full of life more. ‘We don’t want no flower starving, mummy!’ . Well then, let’s get radical. Let’s get to work 💪🏼 Yours in getting radical 💋
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