My Lioness’s Heart


🦁🦁🦁 I was asked once when I have felt the wildest. This picture and this moment, like a camera flash, came to mind. Can you believe it?

Before my 21-year old pink hair days, before swimming with dolphin sailing down the California coast and before holding old boyfriends on back of racing motorbikes. My wildest moment has been in this embrace. 
Everything I have ever love and loss is in my arms. Everything. We were laughing so loud and then retrieving to our cocoon. Crying/laughing so loud and then kissing in. We did this for such a long time that we loss track of time. My pups and me. We were so full with life that we felt most wonderfully empty. 

Clarissa Pinkola Este speaks of love as embrace. An embrace that withstands many endings, and many, many beginnings- all in the same relationship. Your wild self included.

Most of my time with Tommy was spent feeling frozen, heavy and cut out. But that moment in time will be remembered fondly as wild. What was in it? The fierce urgency of now. The privilege to hold my pups warm & tight. All that is unleashed, mad and crazy in the world is wild. 

But for now, I will look at this picture knowing you’ve never left me. I will revel in the roar of my lioness’s heart, it’s rumbles felt in and all around me. 

Love you! E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever