SHE QUEST: New to your journey?


Art has the possibility to transform how you live your life, did you know?

"One of the function of art is to give people the words to know their own experience. Storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and want we want " - Ursual Le Guin


Feeling the call to find out more about the way of "SHE" . Learn what it means to live aware,  alive and awake in todays new conversation around womanhood. Only when and if  we are self-aware that we can change the conversation around woman. Pave the way! Join SHE QUEST. 

I am calling this : SHE QUEST



Last year, I was inspired to start a 100 days of painting project. I called it SHE: a celebration of women. My visual representations were guided by my mission to be the bitch I want to see in the world. A deep wanting to celebrate my life and body- none of which are perfect. But whats change is that I am officially ready to claimed it's jewels and miracles. 

 I dove into my visual project with a deep desire to paint my SHE in all it's form and glory. I wanted to display all the stage of womanhood: the maiden, the mother, the wild, the crone. I soon discovered that my SHE stories were everybody else SHE stories, too. Quite tragically, as the days of painting went by, I realized that my "SHE" had been contained for too long. That messy and muddy shit needs OUT! 

Thought teaching yoga and making art my mission always been the same: I want to transform humans (most especially women) awareness through art & yoga. I want to shake you a little ( or a lot)- agitate you. I am on a quest and I am bringing you along!  I do this best through confessional art, paintings, quotes and myths. I do this by journalling and writing. I do this by being inspired with books such as Rise Sister Rise, Woman Dancing with Wolves and The Book of She (to name a few).

As a yoga and mindful art teacher in my community, I have felt this deep yearning we have for connection, self- expression and beauty. The vulnerability shown by woman attending my SHE Art & Yoga Workshops has fortified my desire for such a timely project. 


SHE QUEST touched on masks, secrets, love, loss  and courage. Each week, my hope is to build a conversation around the pieces that touched you. Where and why do they strike a cord? This is the start of a new day ( ok, stealing this from Oprah's speech !! but I love her so!!) . Oprah told us to speak our truth, and we want to speak our truth. This is how SHE QUEST can help.

How SHE QUEST can help? 


Every week, I release a SHE PRINT OF THE WEEK. The she print of the week always has an intention and essence behind it. With it, comes questions and prompts. My hope is to Probe. Inquire. Awareness is the key to change. I want to pave the way for a new generation of women to never have to hide. To live wild and free. 

My hope is that you use the SHE visual of the week as a QUEST.  A self-exploration tool for personal growth. Whether you comment on this website blog or my instagram post. Or whether you like to print out the weeks, and journal it on your own. Are you a women's leader? Teacher? You can use these for personal use or share them with the world. Uncover what is hidden. 

Its in these little (but oh so big!!) ways that  you learn how to harness courage to show up for yourself with edge! This is the way you can put into actions what Oprah, like a bomb, dropped on her Golden Globe speech –

“speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have!"

and remember... be the bitch you want to see in the world. 
Love you goddesses, mermaids, makers of all things beautiful!