Peace Quest


🔻For the second SHE Print of the week, I have chosen a piece called: PEACE. Last week, my brother texted me the best ‘flash back’ pic from the 80’s . I stood there, phone in hand, in awe. I realized that I hadn’t changed one bit!

My life’s calling has always been to hold a mic, go on stage, listen, teach & tell visual stories. I knew that as an 8-year-old too! I looked at this picture, and I wanted to think “surely, I’ve changed, right?” And lo and behold- I still wear scrunchies and own pink sweater! Haha, crazy! 


This Week Journal, Reflect & Comment Below.

What were you like as a kid?

Did you love to sing and dance? Or collect rocks and things? And if so, when did you stop?

Have you stayed true to your mini-me?



Chances are, you haven’t changed one bit!  Chances are, mini you was always the big you. 

My hope is that you use the SHE visual of the week as a self-exploration tool for personal growth. In that way, harness courage to show up for yourself with edge! This is the way you can step in your power as women. This week, remember how peaceful & surrendered to life you were as a child.