Anatomy of the Yogi's Heart.


Two of my classes will be running on the ANATOMY OF THE YOGI'S HEART Program. 

Monday Nights 7:45pm  Intermediate Class at the Cow Bay Hall

Saturday Mornings 9 am On the Mat


I am no cardiologist. I am a yogi. I have heart.

In a generation that overuse the popular 'follow your heart' motto, we will dissect your heart's situation . What the fuck does it really mean to 'Follow your heart!?' and how the hell can I do that. No recipes books here, no 1, 2, 3. Your heart does not speak english, or french. It's speaks in pulls, shoves and breaks. Sounds, symbols and stories. The yogi's surgery requires careful practice of prana, beats and flow. It requires (but not limited to): 1) listening to your insides 2) pumping blood &sweat & tears  3) metaphorical thinking. 4) and HUMOUR (capitals needed)

In "INSPIRATION"  you can find the weeks class title, main quotes, songs and learning. As the weeks goes by, this page will be updated weekly to reflect the weeks teaching. My gift to you. 



of the Yogi's Heart


 with Estelle

Week 1 

Title: Tapping into the "Metta" : Metta can be loosely translated in 'loving kindness' or 'all-pervading compassion'. This week we tap into it by breathing from our feets and hands with kundalini-inspired exercises, funky vinyasa's,  lotus mudras, and of course backbends! 

Theme BEAT: 'Million Reason' Lady Gaga 

Quote: The true man breathes from his feet up, while ordinary people just breathe from the throat. - Chuang Tzu 

Essential Oil: Balance 

Week 2

Title: "Heart as Ocean" : Samudra can be loosely translated in 'ocean of the heart'. In Indian mythology. the ocean is thought to be the source of all life. This week we first tapped into our heart space by doing the 'Heart- charging station' exercise & hasta mudras to receive. Vinyasa's are simple and arm gesture are powerful. Peak pose: Ustrasana.

Theme BEAT: 'Oh Love" - Aayla Nereo  ( follow tinkerbellestelle on SPOTIFY for more music)

Podcast mentioned: ON BEING with Krista Trispett

Quote: My heart is burning with love. All can see this flame. My heart is pulsing with passion, like waves on an ocean. I'm at home, whenever I am. And in the room of lovers I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances. Behind the veils intoxicated with love, I too dance to the rhythms of this moving world.- RUMI

Week 3

Title: "Heart as Cave" : Madhya can be loosely translated into 'middle' or the 'space in between'. This is relevant to our Heart as Cave theme, since yoga metaphysics speak of layers pertaining to the heart. The first layer of the heart ( outer layer) is our social identity, our second layer (inner heart)  is our personal identity, and our third layer (innermost, secret heart or 'middle: madhya").  We exemplified this by starting the class with in an easy seat, with a potentiality mudra - fingers touching, making the shape of a grapefruit with our hands. Ive actually brought a grapefruit in class, and peeled it up to visualize this effect. The outer layer of our heart is the threshold or entrance. The inner layer is dark and safe. Finally the secret heart is hidden, invisible yet is the middle of everything. Sitting, we explore the in-betweens of a IN and OUT of breath. The spacial middle of a breath. We bring this perspective into our heart space. 

Theme BEAT: 'Pumping Blood' The Chainsmoker remix. 'Pumping Blood' NONONO Acoustic

Learnings: What do you keep in your heart? Let the cave of your heart a place  you can retreat to. What does your cave hold? What do you want it to hold? Is it spacious there? Clear there? Crowded there? Make space for what you want. 


Your heart can list it all, your happiness .This is your heart, it's alive
It's pumping blood
It's your heart, it's alive
It's pumping blood
And the whole wide world is whistling-
Pumping Blood, NONONO

Week 4

Title: " Heart as Lotus": Sada Vasantam Hrdayavinde can be loosely translated as 'always dwelling in the lotus heart'. So far, we've essentially been talking about the 'self' or how version of "the self" dwells in the energetic heart. Dating back to the oldest texts the verse captures the dances of opposite: forces which in yoga philosophy is quite simply rest on life. The ying to the yand, the masculine to the feminine, the Shiva to the Shakti and so on. We express this by doing some serpentine pathways with our hands and including the swirls those in our vinyasa. Our mudra this week is the lotus mudra. We add in swirls of tai-chi in our warrior sequence and finish with a delicious hip sequence. 

Theme Beat: Love is Alive ( feat. Elohim ) Louie and the Child 

Learning: Intently visualizing the lotus 'dwelling in the heart' we personify resiliency. The lotus blooms in murky water reminds us of this. 

Quote: Your heart is your first teacher- Cherokee Saying. 

Week 5

Title : "Heart as Bridge": Anahata : unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten. One must love and be loved in order to become whole. Human seek wholeness. This week, drop your frontal brain in your anahata and let yourself pass over something, move through something, go beyond something. The heart chakra seeks bonding with another, trust the call, cross the bridge. You are being called to the gates of wonder. 

Theme Beat: 'I love my life ' The Beautiful Chorus. 

Rumi. 'Love is a bridge between you and everything'.

Eseential Oil: Lavender 

Week 6

Title : "Heart as Sound": Spanda: vibration of the spiritual heart. The heart is thought to have a mystical silent sound that resounds continually. It's vibration is called the anahata sadba "unstuck sound" (remember Anahata ? 'unhurt, unstuck, unbeaten'). We learn that sound bring you beauty and healing. We chant "Be here now" loud and clear. We access our vocal power which us really our truth, our voice. This week, is about deep listening, getting unstuck and moving out of your head. Quieting the mind so you can hear your own song. What melody might you sing? Pick a note and hold it!

Theme Beat: 'Be here now' The Beautiful Chorus 

'Your heart is your first teacher' Cherokee Saying. 

Eseential Oil: Peppermint & Lavender 

Week 7

Title: "Heart as Broken": Bodhisattva- loosely translated into 'vows of the heart'. Just like caring for a garden the bodhisattva tends to the sorrow and pain that impacts the human. This vow requires fortitude and a kind of radical openness to pain. Using this week's class has a gateway or initiation to enter your broken heart. By now, you know the heart is the epicenter of all things manifested and unmanifested, a field of possibilities, desires and dreams. It is a light and radiant place as much as it is a dark and quiet. We need to tend to both equally and with care. This week we practice Garuda mudra ( mudra of freedom) and do some floor sequence work which peaks to bow (danurasana) pose. We continue chanting 'Be here now'. 

Theme Beat: 'Oh Love' Ria May 

P.33 "The Prophet" Kahil Gibran When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. Some of you say: ' Joy is greater than sorrow, " and others say, " Nay, sorrow is the greater." But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alons with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed. ' 

Week 8 

Title: 'Heart as Fire' Agni - loosely translated as 'fire'. This week we tend to our hearts fire and we are guided by the verse from Rumi. 'The heart is like a candle longing to be lit. Torn from the beloved It yearns to be whole again But you have to bear the pain. You cannot learn about love Love appears on the wings of grace'. This week we incorporate fire breath into our chair pose and high plank pose. We learn our own 'heart-charging' station mudra and leave with the mantra: 'Am all I need, to get by". 

Theme Beat: Crazy in Love 'Sole Rising' 

P. 31 'Tending the Hearts Fire by Shiva Rhea'

Modern Firekeepers tend their lifeforce in many forms. They are artists, activists, teachers, musicians, scientist, healers, and entrepreneurs. They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Love, devotion and skills are are required to keep such fired flourishing. We must embody fuel, fire, and firekeeper all at once to realize the extraordinary creative force that burns within us. What do you love intrinsically? Wha do you live for? What would you die for 

Week 9

Title: Heart as LOVE/GRIEF:  Special Remembrance Day Class. This week we connect head and heart. We embody our inner visionary and get our eyes inside. We affirm: Life happens for you, not to you. We incorporate mudras for Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna) and play we new asana variation, twist and balance. 

Beyond Time - Ida Jo 



Week 10 Heart as Healer 

Week 11 Heart as Endarkement 

Week 12 Heart as Eagle 

Week 13 Heart as Fire 

Week 14 Heart as Rhythm 

Excited much? Me too.

Love you.