Day 55/100 #100daysofpaintingSHE

  • Day 57/100 #the100dayproject Eagles have a long-standing representation of courage and hope.

    Each time I am aware of another woman resiliency and bouncing back in the face of adversity I become inherently aware of how courageous I myself am.

    Perhaps this is imbued from my work with my mentorship students or the many books and memoirs I have read on grief. Maybe it is the people of all spectrums of

    life that I meet through art and yoga: the kids and small ones, the older and chubby
    ones, the pregnant and tired ones, the middle aged and cranky ones. I see them start a yoga session, for example, thinking they might not make it, or it might not be for them. But if they stick with it, they bring courage, commitment and consistency to the plate...and, well then, they ultimately change. Their gaze becomes fierce and sparkly. It is a beautiful thing.

    The process of seeing them change, changes me in return. That is why there seems to be some inner nudging that tells me: ‘Wake up to life, Estelle! You can feel and be so much more!’ #100daysofpaintingshe #eagles #eaglearms#watercolour #artlife #artheals