7 days of Chakra is soon approaching!!!


Next Series: Monday July 3 nd
Workshop Cost: $15
Materials Needed: Watercolour pad, paint brushes, paper, canvas, art journal
Level: Beginner

The chakras are a huge part of yoga philosophy. Chakras are hubs of energy located within the vertical invisible axis of the body.  They're are 7 chakras located, each chakra is connected to the physical & psychological functioning of our understanding of who we are.

Join me and many budding artists from around the world as we discover the world of chakra's and how paintings them can bring us a deeper sense of balance and wisdom into our human condition. Every day for 7 days,  we will explore one chakra. Estelle will also have mini video lessons into mudras   (hand variation),  pranayama ( breathing technique) and aromatherapy that can further help to explore each dimension of the chakra map of yoga. 

Come in, enjoy for 7 days! 


  • Being added to a Secret Facebook Group of like-minded creative individual
  • I will guide you each day with a chakra, inspiration and painting prompt.
  • You will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey. Extra's will include unique video session, original lessons & overall artful fun!!

Investment : 15$ ( do the math, that's two buck a day!) + probably 10$ of Materials

Time investment: do you log in on Facebook at least once a day? Then , there is no reason why you should not do this! Period.

The time is NOW!