What's good?

I wrote on Facebook last week that I now ask 'what's good?' to each of you at the beginning of my yoga classes . Unbeknownst to me this has become a bit of a social experiment. I have been alarm by the number of people that I cannot find a single thing. 

I am also faced with people saying : 'you're doing great, but I am not you'. Another saying that was prevalent when I first lost Tommy was a well- meaning : 'I don't know how you do it!?' .

Since loosing Tommy, I have vast storage of sadness always right close to me, its exposed, sticky, its on me, its in me. The substance of loss brings on the deeper appreciation for little things I use to take for granted: my health, my family, beautiful food, warm sheets, a fire and dry wood {even in May}. The poet Mark Nepo writes about this in a favourite poem on human birth: we are unrepeatable, rare , precious, fucking lucky (🙊he didn't write the last bit, I did). It's like, won't you wake up? Ok, so I lost my 2 and half year old, but should I spend my precious human life with higher consciousness capacity curled up in a ball on a bathroom floor? Fuck, no! Gratitude his has much of a muscle has resilience. If i find 1, 2, 3 things I can celebrate today, then all the sawdust gets out of my eyes and I can see my life, clearer.

For example, this memorable experience of doing yoga with little Rachel for a whole morning in Mexico . We staged our sequence, we sang together sweetly, loudly and moved awkwardly. Little Rachel is feisty, always been and I look up to her for that. Her spontaneity and non-hesitating 5 year old life strikes me has right. Nepo writes: love what you love now! Joan of Halifax writes: they're are no dark times, only people with sawdust in they're eyes.

Today, I invite you to find something you are grateful for! Anything. You'll get real strong at this practice and when shit hits the fans , instead of crawling on that yucky bathroom floor you'll have a gratitude fortress build, stamina to climb on top and see the sparkling beauty of the world, the joys- you are awake! You are alive! What a gift. #tommytinkerforever #inspiredlife