Feminine Magic... You in?

Next Series: May 20th
Workshop Cost: $21
Materials Needed: Watercolour pad, acrylic paints, paint brushes, paper, canvas, art journal
Level: Beginner

Join me and many budding artists from around the world as we discover the way of SHE. What does it mean to be woman, and how can we connect to this awakening power of Shakti.  Come in, enjoy for 21 days: the feminine magic lifestyle. 


  • Being added to a Secret Facebook Group of like-minded creative individual
  • I will guide you each day with a subject, inspiration and painting prompt.
  • You will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey. Extra's will include unique video session, original lessons & overall artful fun!!

SIGN UP EASY here: http://bit.ly/2onEB4V


Love you to bits!!