INTO THE WILD!! It's here.

Head and heart deep into the creation of 21 days of Creative Leaps 'Into the Wild' online art class starting Feb. 12th! Those course aren't written, conceptualized and illustrated on their own!! Somebody real lucky gotta put all that pretty messy stuff together! 🎨 

Next Series: Feb. 12th- March 4th
Workshop Cost: $21
Materials Needed: Watercolour paints, paint brush, paper (approx. $15)
Level: Beginner


In the wilderness lies the hope of the world- John Muir. 

Get ready to paint the WILD: think enchanted forrest, animals and fairies. Join Estelle and students from all over the world, draw meaning for the mystical world of forrest, jungles and fields. Magic overload! 


1) Being added to a Secret Facebook Group of like-minded creative individual
2)  I will guide you each day with a subject, inspiration and painting prompt.
3) you will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey. Extra's will include unique video session, original lessons & overall artful fun!!
Investment : 21$ ( do the math, that's one buck a day!) + probably 10$ of Materials
Time investment: do you log in on Facebook at least once a day? Then , there is no reason why you should not do this! Period.
The time is NOW!

Curious what materials you will need? Check this UTUBE video to get all the deets!