Grateful for the Pain


🙏🏻Overheard someone at yoga yesterday say they were grateful for the pain they’ve had in life. Before Tommy, I would have thought that was a whack thing to say. But now, the statement pierces in me like sun beam on a fresh and crisp fall day. You know the one. The one where it’s cold out but too hot in the car. The day where you overdress and the sun wins. Fine. I get it. With the great losses of my life came great gains. None of it was material. For example, I know for a fact that at the end of my life - these 2 (3 if you count #tommytinkerforever ) will be all that have mattered. That’s it. So this year, I am grateful for the pain I have had in my life. It’s done nothing but good. It’s help me wake up to what I already have. It’s help me see the light. Namaste. And Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃 Love you 💋 E. ⭐️