Wind & Breath


🙏🏻 Late afternoon adventure with this guy are precious. Beaching, biking, skating, shopping- folding laundry while he watches cartoons. Yesterday, it dawn on me how lucky I was to see Isaiah on & off the bus everyday. Stuffing him with milk & peanut butter sandwiches at 3 pm {no crust please, mummy!} and going over his day. Being a yoga teacher and painter has me on when most are off. I whine about late nights and weekends and then I am reminded that few kids get to run free like the wind with their dog before dinner. Time is fleeting and not to be wasted - the fragility of life is blatant these days. Real these days. Running with my son yesterday filled me with air, hope and peace- a beautiful side effect of wind and breath....... = FREEDOM! 🎶 cue for Tom Petty’s Free Fallin or Learning to Fly .... you pick. Love you, E ⭐️ freedom #lavie #prayfortheworld#estellethomsonart