Greenhouse solo dance party


Today 🍃 Impromptu greenhouse solo dance party for some needed twirls in the midst of 🌻 sunflowers 🍅 tomatoes and weeds🌱. I went through each of your most heartfelt comments😂😭😘!!! Memories full of details and essence of my heart, my son. Things I had forgotten, things I so vividly remembered. But that's not it. I got more texts, messages, face-to-face and tight (SO tight) and long hugs. I ate brownies (twice). I wore the most epic dress and skipped the make up. The sun is shining here in Nova Scotia whilst its seems the rest of the world is crumbling. I am grateful for all of you. And life. The greenhouse is a symbol of that. 
Love you. E. ⭐️