👣💛This week is a special one for Isaiah has he is ‘enfant vedette’ in his class. For one week of the year, each child gets a chance to showcase family, house and pet in a little self- made booklets of sort and thus being the ‘star’ of the class. 

Isaiah and I tackled the project very seriously.  Cutting out a picture of a pear (his favorite fruit), mac and cheese ( his favorite meal) and Edgar ( his best friend). We had to go outside and take a picture of our 'sweet home, sweet home' as he sings it and say what mommy does for work (like a yoga boss &paints) and what daddy does for work (fixes teeth).
In the sibling part, Isaiah insisted on putting a picture of Tommy. My heart sank in. Worried. 

What would life be like if Tommy where here?  Instead I am wondering what twenty 5 years old reaction will be when in front of the class Isaiah’s says loudly: ‘yeah, this is my brother Tommy but he died’. So much for the perfect story book. Sometimes all the filters in the world won’t even make that picture worth sharing. And then other times, it’s time to not give a shit.

Suddenly, I became immensely proud of my son for wanting to share his brother. I always try to communicate to Isaiah that Tommy lives in him and around him. That he is everywhere, but most certainly, his heart. A part of him that big should, needs, and must be included in that perfect story book 📚 

Shining bright, amour!