I often get asked when I listen too when it comes to podcast! So here is my BEST & most inspiring podcasts, starting with the BEAUTIFUL WRITERS PODCAST. 


Both Danielle Laporte & Linda Siversten have a way about them that is simple, true & the whole time you are listening to this you wish you were chatting with THEM. No need to be a WRITER to enjoy this 45 inspiring minute. Anyone who works with ideas for a living should definitely dig in. I love the array of people they have on the show- that they talk to not only writers but publishers, and editors and the likes. REallllly a MUST listen 


Second up is Elizabeth Gilbert. This women fires me up ALL. THE .TIME. She is SO flipping NATURAL & generous in her help. If you have read BIG MAGIC you will definitely want to hit up these talks she has with 5 different woman of different background has they struggle to find their way in theirs own respective creative realm. And has the lessons say, they are truly, deeply... MAGIC! 


Thirdly, Profit.Power. Pursuit. has grown on me quite a bit. Tara Gentille is swift, clever & has questions no one else could prove able to ask! Her interviewed are on pointe and very much so instructive!



Other podcast that I think you should check out are: 

- Design Matters with Debbie Millman

-On Being

-Dear Sugar Radio 

- Sick Boy Podcast (make sure no kids are at ear distance, since language is Adult-rated for sure!)

I've allowed comments for this BLOG, and so PLEASE share YOUR favourite podcast with us so we know what to check out! :) 

Yours  in inspired living,