NEW* 21 Days of Creative Leaps ONLINE CLASS

As an artist, I've long held a fascination with WATER. They are streams, ocean & waterfalls. They're are fishes, seashells and more seducing creatures such has mermaids & feathered stars.

Maybe it's because our bodies are made of water, or that the Earth is primarily made of water. No matter what science says - water remains mysterious: tranquil at times & violent at times. A blessing for some. A curse for others.

I am thrilled to introduce my *NEW* 21 Days of Creative Leaps ONLINE CLASS themed 'UNDER THE SEA'.

From Monday April 18th- May 9th, 2016 commit to a daily art practice. Explore with watercolours paints intuitive, simple and therapeutic techniques that is sure to get your creative juices flowwwwwwing.

Register EASILY HERE:…/online-21-days-painting-boo…

Yours in inspiration,