You won't believe it... but this week's MAGIC MONDAY is about getting a HAIRCUT!! Something I did a couple days back at FRED, and I must admit- did me the greatest good.

I was wondering why I was such in a funk. What was wrong with my face? Why I felt so 'blah'. 

I use to think I was a long haired girl. All my life. I believed this fiercely with all my heart and soul. I'd go to the stylist and be stressed he/she would cut too much. I grew attached to the look of long hair, the hippy feel- it felt safe to hide behind my mane.

Last year I made the big move to chop my hair off. I had just lost Tommy 3 months prior, and I felt the weight of my hair and overall just needed a change. I lost Tommy and I survived, so then surely I could loose my hair and survive !  I got the cut and I LOVED my short hair, instantly.

This thought me such a great lesson: what you think you are doesn't make it true. HA.

WOW. What a RELIEF! 

So, the point of this post is maybe merely a suggestion to go get a haircut at FRED, but  a permission to think about yourself in any ways you like- expecting nothing but a pleasant surprises!