Painting your Grief

A section of my cork board in my studio. 
I've launched my next 21 days of Creative Leap online Art Class has 'painting your grief' start date is Remembrance Day Nov.11! This online program has been reverberating in me for a while now still. The echo of my Tommy's life resonate deeps has I type these words.
I want this program to be about loss- yes- but I want this to be about painting your pain in general. What are you sad about? What do you have to mourn (a life un-lived, a favorite animal etc.) do YOU wake up in a funk most days? In psychology we call this our shadow side. This darkest side is comprise of fear and discomforts. 
What if I told you that by sitting with the gloomiest part of you, you'd be able to see the shiniest part of you? Can you sit and paint for 5 minutes a day and get to feel the centre most part of you? 🙏🏻🙏🏻I hope you join me on this colourful watercolour painting journey {link to sign up in profile, 21$☝🏻️} where we are all born artist- makers of all things beautiful! The choice is yours to get up, show up and live fully! Please TAG anyone you feel might benefit from this class ❤️thank you 🙏🏻 #Captureyourgrief#estellethomsonart #igart #creativelife#paintyourgrief2016