From Monday February 8- March 11, 2016

I’m so excited to announce my Sacred Symbol Painting Online Class !!!

In this almost 5 week painting class we will dive into the powerful world of visual imagery! We will bring to light at least 15 sacred symbols and paint them! Lastly, we will pick the symbol that pulls you in the most and transform it into your last final project.

If you have done the 21-day Boot Camp with me- this is a STEP-UP. This class suggest you have developed a discipline of painting EVERYDAY. This class will use watercolours at it's base but our final project will be with Acrylic Paints where you will explore layering, contrast, composition,  mark-making and confidence in your moves.

This class includes a video series by Estelle:  on the symbol themselves, but on technique and lessons in big, fearless and intuitive painting.  

This class includes a one-on-one 30 min Skype session with Estelle to unravels your art practice and choose your magnetizing symbol. 

This class includes 15 re-created Sacred Symbol Card ( sold 15$ each) made by Estelle. 

This class will be all about playing with colour, listening to the language of your soul and seeing your world through a symbolic perspective.

Key word for this class is LEAP! Whether this leap of faith in the direction of your dream. Whether it's a permission slip that permits you to have more fun in your life.  I want to share with you the JOY & enlightening path that sacred symbol painting can be!

No experience necessary- however I do suggest having done either my Painting Meditation Workshop or my 21-Day Painting Bootcamp!  

       TO REGISTER FOR 33-DAYS of Sacred Symbol Painting click HERE.                                          

with art & love,