How to fall in love

 I had to drive a lot today, running errands. Driving makes me think too much. About you, mostly. And how you use to look at me like that. You use to stare and not give up the gaze. We could in a instant, make time stand still, the clocks would stop there was no more tic to the tock. All there was to do was stare -for minutes on end. A minute is long if all you have to do is stare. Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there' - is maybe one of my favourite Rumi quote that I only wish sometimes would say 'OPEN your eyes, fall in love, stay there'. I'll always remember your last day of daycare. When you heard my voice, threw your milk bottle up in the air and reached out for my body, my warmth , my love. Everybody laughed at your reaction, but we knew. Visceral telepathy? The trust between us was uncanny. I'd pay big money to bring my gaze back to your eyes, your presence, your koala grip, your smile, I'd give up everything. But i know how to close my eyes now. How to fall in love. How to stay there. That feeling between us never left