Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #4

I've always loved beauty. The way colours miraculously work together in an abstract painting, in a plate of food, in the books on my coffee table - in everything really. I love finding perfect imperfections and calling them 'beautiful'. This love affair has span over many years. So much, that I had the word tattooed on my back. Practicing yoga has taught me to slow down & look with eyes wide open at the world around me - seeing beauty past the physical realm. By paying attention of the world around me, it's colours and it's nuance has helped me get an added appreciation to my life.  Here's the line- up for my LOOKBOOK #4 ... full of gratitude for this position has Brand Ambassador for Bodega Boutique this week! 

Yogi On The Loose: #ROAR

Raise your hand if you love a good stylish t-shirt !!  I do ! I do! This one from Room 152 his able to turn heads. I love the symbolism of Tigers, roaring there way through life fierce & without flinching. I also love Katy Perry, but I digress... I'll be honest with you, I'm a bit tired of wearing Lululemon everything when I practice & or teach yoga ( and that's has nothing to do with the brand!)- nonetheless these blue electric pants have stand the test of time & I still wear them quite regularly. Embracing one of my favourite colour here: Bleu,  biensûr!  


Beachin' It : Get It. That One Piece Suit 

Beachin' It in style again this week. This outfit is a combination of magic ( see dreamcatcher necklace!) and realism ( black beach dress alert!). Refinement burst forth with this one piece bathing suit that is positively practical and fun; taking care of my silhouette throughout. I believe i could write an entire blog on my bitterness for bathing suit shopping- so needless to say, when I found this one- I bought the black one too! 

Feminine Wanderer #ParisJeT'aime

One day, one day ... I will go to Paris! It's been a dream of mine in forever. I am happy to say that I have found a piece of it in this outfit. Flowers & wooden wedge hits the right balance. I love to find contrast between the black & the white paired with washed out jeans skirt ( Value Village, btw... 4$!!). I was going for assertive romanticism: the kind that is made of cappuccino's and walks on rainy streets. Now, that's beautiful!


Vive le Polka Dots! #groundedchic

There's something thrilling about polka dots!  It's been a bit of a thing for me this summer to pair a dressy dress with my converse! I've added a light stretchy jeans blouse, piece the resistance necklace and there you have it  exuding a certain 'grounded chic'. BAM! 

All right, fashion lovers- that is it for me this week! I am going shopping at Bodega next week (too bad you can't see me as I am jumping up & down!!) & can't flipping wait to tell you what I got !

till then ciao, ciao! 


p.s: Mini-me wants to know if you've had your lobster yet this summer ??