A Small Clarification!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to clarify something. 

Due to the way the calendar works. All my classes at Dartmouth Yoga Centre are 7 weeks instead of 8, which means 7 yoga classes instead of 8 for the same price (95$) - which is still cheaper than paying the full drop-in at 15$. 

I have already told everyone in Parent & Baby / Prenatal that they are WELCOME to come to the Cow Bay Hall and take that extra class for absolutely no charge to make up for the 8th! 

Schedule at the Cow Bay Hall is EACH MONDAY 

5:45 am Morning Yoga 

6:30 pm Beginners Yoga 

7:45 pm Intermediate Yoga 

Thank you for your understanding & supporting independent yoga teachers like me!

Yours in Yoga, 

Estelle xo 

nb: Please don't hesitate to inquire at tinkerbellestelle@gmail.com for QUESTIONS/CONCERNS/COMMENTS!