I am doing this project in memory of my son, Thomas Knox Thomson. Tommy was born at 26 weeks and 2 days of gestation on a warm June evening. He weighed 2.3 pounds.

In NICU, Tommy survived global sepsis, perforated bowel, grade 3/4 intracranial bleeds, jaundice, multiple blood transfusions, hydrocephalus, retinopathy of prematurity, vp shunt and more. We were told twice by doctors to discontinue treatment. After almost 4 months in NICU, Tommy first year would be one of multiple health challenges, viruses, countless surgeries, many appointments with general surgery, neurosurgery,kidney doctor , eyes doctors , physio, feeding clinic and lots more etc. Tommy was ng tube fed, had an ostemy bag and chronic ascites.

The crazy thing is, that even through all these ordeals, Tommy was always very alert, rooting, smiling -laughing out loud sometimes even. I always felt him 'there'. Present, wise & clever. His presence was linked to mine is so many visceral ways. In moments of despair, I would always hang on to this. I would always believe that things would be ok.

After is VA shunt put in, Tommy had a turn around. His second year -although filled with ups and down- health was much better. Even a stage 1 Cerebral Palsy diagnosis didn't stop this Tinker from crawling, jumping, climbing, reading and loving his dear xylophone (anything musical, really).

Tommy's will to survive was fierce. I remember telling my closest friend that Tommy was born for BIG reasons. That there was no way he is alive right now for a mundane life. In hindsight, I was right. Tommy died of an unexpected and sudden seizure that biopsy later revealed was due to a malfunction of his latest operation. Modern medicine saved him. Modern medicine killed him.

Now, MY will to survive is fierce. I owe Thomas that much. That's how he changed me. I don't have cerebral palsy and I wasn't born at 26 weeks and I don't have ten + scars on me. I am rich, inside & outside. I am ready to wake up to this beautiful life like never before. Tommy presence is part of me. I don't believe this, I KNOW this. #tommytinkerforever