Day 4

BEFORE: me, circa 2003 

It's funny to think that I thought I had 'problems' in my 20's. But I really thought I did. I dated assholes, I was supposedly fat & I didn't know what to do with my poor sad life. I was so self-centered &selfish- I couldn't see what I had- instead, I saw what I didn't have. My inner self-worth, reflected my outside world.

With yoga, little by little- I started including spirit into my identification. With breath work & steady practice, I started tasting little moments of union. In one of my favorite books, Stephen cope explains it so well:'in the yogic view, it is in these moments that we know who we really are. We rest in our true nature& know beyond a doubt that everything is Ok, and not just ok, but utterly well. We know that there is nothing to accept & nothing to reject. Life just is as it is.'

Yes, I miss EVERYTHING about Tommy. I miss my life 'before', I want it all back. But because I have a spiritual practice, I can sit still with this unbelievable mourning & know, somehow, it's going to be ok.#TommyTinkerForever #captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart