Day 11


'So walk with your heaviness, saying 'yes'. Yes to the sadness. Yes to the whispered longing. Yes to the fear. YES.'- Emmanuel (pat rodegast)

I admit it. I didn't want to make Thomas an altar. This would mean, yet again, that I would have to willfully confront this crisis more intensely. The dramatic story line in my life's play makes it hard sometimes to reflect calmly, it's easier to look away from happy pictures, videos, his little pj's & shoes, keepsakes from the hospital, his favorite spoon& soda crackers, the milk stains on our bed-stand. I am not fully ready to forgive the universe for taking my little love away, the most courageous baby I know, the little boy who made our family complete. But I am also determine to transform this crisis into triumph. That's what Tommy did with the ups and downs of his life! This altar is then an opportunity to get in touch with a deeper purpose and acting on that instinct instead. By making peace with the past; saying 'yes' redirects your energy. It's frees you up to LOVE . TODAY.

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